Friday, April 11, 2008


it's a 5star novel!
This novel gives a detail description about many aspects of Islam including the relationship between Moeslems and non-Moeslems in their social interaction,between husband and wife,among friends,etc.It consists of issues in Islamic teaching,social-culture interaction,education,laws,politics n of coz, love story =). And if you read it,you'll find more.

As an Islamic novel, the norms in Islamic teaching are being represented in a nature way, so that when we read it, there is no assumption that the appearence of them r seem to be 'forced'.Another unique way used by the writer is his ability to describe every setting taken place in the novel. He successes to make the character 'lives' in every part of the novel. Further, the way how he describe the Cairo city makes us feel n imagine the situation as if it happens in front of us.

Other important point of it is the romantic element. That is why this novel can be supposed as a romantic novel, besides islamic or religious one.In fact, this things make readers, particularlly women, have a desire to experience the same romantic story as happened in the novel.believe me =p

Actually, there r still a lot more good points that can be found in this novel. I suggest everyone who has not read it to read it now. It is really a good novel, not only for Moeslems.

p/s : it's also available in bahasa malaysia.go get it!it's never too late =)


sHe pHa said...

i did read the back cover of this book kat popular hr tu.
seems like the indonesian slang was too strong.
or is there another malay-translated version of this novel?
the movie is coming up kan?
ntah bile nk penetrate malaysia.hu3.
cant wait.
nad duk kat indon,u can watch the movie dulu.hihi.

(movie and book will definitely differ i suppose. =) )

p/s - welcome to the blogsfera nad. (^_^)

nadhirah mohd shakri said... dh lame kuar la syg~..nway,it's true..the movie is quite disappointing actually but still best jgak!can u imagine,almost sbulan kt cinema..yeap..ade yg malaysian version of la.i'll write bout the movie soon ok?

sHe pHa said...

ye ek?
dh ade kat malaysia nye cinema ke?
tatau pun.huu~

nadhirah mohd shakri said...

eh....msia pnye cinema blom lagi la..xpe,nnt mesti ade nad rase bace buku lagi m'hayati laa.hehe