Sunday, April 13, 2008

hOw i wISh... i wish dpt jpe DORAEMON..nk jd pandai,nk cepatkn mase..nk cpt2 jd doctor..xnk study.uh~ i just can't wait to be free from this miserable life as a medical student.i was reading 'hepatitis' 1 hour ago and guess whut?i still am.there r a lot more diseases that i have to study,yet i haven't even finish the small little tiny 10 pages 'hepatitis' handout?!?!

god help me plz..i hate the fact that i'm now just swallowing each and every word.i have to understand n memorize them for god sake..

tu baru yang interna..belum pediatric, pharmacy, radiology, dermatology, psychology n neurology..waaah~ tensyen3!i hate clinical sem.

p/s : how i wish i'm smarter..xpe2..syukur je la..alhamdulillah~


sHe pHa said...

adoi la nad.
kalo doraemon study medic,he wont be a doraemon anymore.hihi.

nadhirah mohd shakri said...