Thursday, April 10, 2008

i miss my ♥ + why i love being home =)

i'm acapsick!

i'm in malaysia while he's stuck in surabaya.i miss him!..this feeling that i'm having is torturing me n it's visibly increasing since i can neither sms nor call him yet.urh~~

(hope he's doing fine)

i should be enjoying my holiday
i love being of the top reasons is i get to eat nice malaysian food.i had a great lunch wif my parents just now.we ate kari ikan,ayam goreng rempah n sayur lemak(my fav!) and some fruits as the dessert...simple,just the way i like it.

(i have to spend a lot of money if i wanna eat this in surabaya)

here's the list of why i love being [home]

  1. my family is here..
  2. as written above,i can eat nice and delicious malaysian food..
  3. there are no rats here..
  4. i can watch my fav channels on astro..
  5. i can sleep in my cozy room..
  6. i don't have to worry bout money..
  7. my house has 24/7 wireless internet access..
  8. i don't have to travel by *bemo to save money,i can always use my car..
  9. the fresh air.i don't have to breath the extreamly polluted air like in surabaya..
  10. i can give my ears a rest from the out-tuned pengamen..
and the list goes on....~~~ =)

p/s : bemo is a public transport in's some kinda van.