Monday, April 14, 2008

the KLIA shootout drama-helplessly memalukan

i was thinking bout me going back to Surabaya this 20th and how to manage my stuff to avoid paying the extra-luggage fee at the airport.


suddenly this word brings my memory to the shootout drama which happened at the KLIA
5days ago.i wasn't there at KLIA has been exposed as a
national shame.armed robbers shot six people in a 3-minute heist at the KL International Airport or the so-called high security area and escaped with Singapore dollar 1.5mil (RM3.5mil)!!.

read the news here.

i am shocked at the amount of cash the money changers were carrying, da robbers chose da right day to rob! Unbelievable.

what's happening to the KLIA security system?!
On Tues(8the April 2008), a Bangladesh passenger breached security at KLIA with a fruit knife and boarded his flight!!. He pulled it out in mid-flight,(some say to cut an apple), Thai police say to threaten passengers - forcing the plane to make an emergency landing in Bangkok.Whutta shame =(

On Wed(9th April 2008), da heist of S$1.5 million(RM 3.5mil) happened.
And an off-duty cop, thought to be moonlighting as a security guard to the moneychangers, was shot. And his service revolver stolen by the robbers. Just great!
Will there be more horror stories?

This sends yet another depressing message that the government is not doing enough to curb rising crime.
One would think that an airport - (recently voted No 1 in the world?!?) - would have a near-seamless security system in place.
Which is why we like the machines that screen the luggage, and the machines that screen the surroundings and other forms of surveillance and alert people who monitor them. So that the public can feel SAFE!

But when something as important as CCTVs were not even switched on! and worst, some CCTVs r not even operational for recording purposes, then it was disaster waiting to happen.whut's da point of having CCTVs if they r not switched on?it's not for decorative purposes!

p/s : Before KLIA's infamy reaches new heights... some things have to be put right. Now.


nadhirah mohd shakri said...

huhu..whut do u think?is is too much to call this helplessly memalukan?

wedrinkblood said...

my soyang! a concerned citizen! you go tigress!

nadhirah mohd shakri said...

hahaha..waaa~jgn la jd cmni kt LCCT kn..hehe