Thursday, April 10, 2008

western films VS local films

i was captivated by one of the articles in today's newspaper.the title was

'kurangnya sokongan rakyat malaysia terhadap industri perfileman tanah air'..

it's discussing on how people nowadays tend to choose to watch Hollywood movies instead of local films..well,frankly i'm one of those people.gotta admit,i only watch local films if they are really highly recommended but i don't mind watching western films randomly.

i agree that western films sumtyms give bad influences,but i'm not ere to talk bout that.
why are western films more popular than local ones?the most important thing that i noticed is that they are never dull,ok maybe not all but most of other words,the film-makers dont waste their time on scenes that drag on n on.local films in general r so slow-moving that one is liable to fall asleep during their many monotonous scenes.western films only show whut is necessary n likely to hold the audience's the audience is kept at a pace that never allows dull moments to occur.

i'm not implying all local films are boring n dull.there r some very good ones indeed(like sepet,cinta,p.ramlee's,indon's,etc),but most tend to be very long-drawn,self-indulgent affairs that really r not entertaining at all.

in one of these dreadful films that i've seen,i remember a very dull scene in a living room(cant remember which movie),the camera was kept focused at a cup of coffee on da table for so long i was sure da coffee would have gone cold!!

most of the conversations are
painfully slow n predictable that the script-writer must've thought that the audience consists of morons.local films need to speed up their scenes to make them more interesting.

moreover,local film-makers have got to make efforts to make their films more
realistic.some scenes r so badly made that even a child can tell that they r fake.western film-makers spent a lot of money on special effects and stunts for the sake of realism.writing off a few cars to make a film is nothing to them.

cast in the film is very important.good actors and actresses can make a low-budget film a success.

our film-makers and the cast must keep improving their quality.i notice we are on our way to catch up wif the westerners.i can hardly wait!i promise i'll watch them. =)

p/s : caiyok2!!


Anonymous said...

ai niiii bagi hint kat i ke niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

HAKIM said...
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.: D i 3 y L 4 :. said...

da de blog die.
saye,syusyuq,yayan sume ade blog.
welcome to blogging world!!

komen bout the entry..
i agree wif u.
n im surely mmg ramai org tak layan cite melayu.
and then takdela rase rugi tgk cite western kat wayang.
tgk cite melayu kat cd cetak rompak suddey!!haha~
erk.tpi sye tak suke lanun cetak rompak ni.saye takkan beli laen yg beli. ngeh2..

P/s: Selalu je tak pat jumpe kamu time kamu balik mesia. So sad.

botolbiru said...

well for me, malay movie it is predictable..cinta+break+nanges2+pahtu balas dendam..and the list goes on..

but like u said, i also english movies..i can just go to the cinema without knowing what movie to watch..and now my interest is in horror movie..

i guess i just like to be scared..
but malay scary movie do give me goose bump because it has to do with our culture..kalu korea+jpon+eng tuh mcm kejut jer..hahaha

that is my thoughts ler..hahah
by the way welcome to the blogger world..

nadhirah mohd shakri said...

hahaha..adri,u sbagai 1 of org in malay's film industry...u mmg kne terase..hahaha..speed up adri!

nadhirah mohd shakri said...

diela...nnt aku pernh je tgk blog x smpat leave commnt.hehe..muax2!hm...miss kamu la dilaa

nadhirah mohd shakri said...

hazi!~..hehe..i was once the horror-movie lover.hehe..well,maybe u're u have any experience with diz sumthing-has-to-do-wif-our-culture thingy??share laa~

joe said...

well,i see eye to eye with u..god!i'm loving your blog

botolbiru said...

i dont have any experiences myself but mase skolah dulu2 slalu je org hesteria..but i never go near dem..i'm afraid myself..haha but it is good to have that kind of stories in life to tell..hahahah but my kazen slalu je kene kaco kat my grandma's hse..but how true is that i dont xprnh kene and i hope i will not happen to me..

by the way..i link your blog to mine..ok?

nadhirah mohd shakri said...

sure2!i already linked u.haha

Rossa said...

Keep up the good work.