Friday, June 27, 2008

SMELL !!!!

ok.. post ni bukan la psal bau or jenis2 bau yang ade kt dunie ni..
diz post is all about EZY'S SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY..
haha..ezy ezy..senang je tau nk buat surprise kt die ni..(coz she's kinda blu-ur)
taun lepas pon plannye lebey kurang gak..ajak die kuar makan then tibe2 ade ramai org..
but diz time lagi jd la coz she was the one who asked arina out..
act,cikin kept asking me bout ezy's birthday..
"nad..nk wat ape kat ezy ni..i xde idea la.."
i was like..
"ala..i pon xde idea next wik ktrg exam week..but i pengen nk wat sumthing la"



that's actually how we planned her birthday party..
or should i say...we never really planned the party.haha..
semua tiba2..i even cancelled my 'date' dgn ezy bcoz i was so confused nk buat bile n stuff..
afta pikir2..n discuss2 dgn ckin n arina...ktrg pon wat la ari jumaat(27th june 08)..

arina kuar ng ezy.. n yg len2 trus pegi pizza hut..
except for me..ezy,i ngaku i baru je cari present u b4 pegi pizza tu..haha
trok kn i?i men beli je..haha..u tau kan i tgh pokai..haha
i janji nnt i belikan u hadiah kat mlaysia..u kn nk dtg klantan =)
tgh pilih2 hadiah,dpt SMS from cikin..
she said amenk tersalah antar sms kt ezy..
OMG!kantoi la nnt..
tapi naseb baik la ezy blu-ur tu tak paham sms amenk..heheh
(ezy jgn marah i panggil u blu-ur)

then..bile smua org dh ready kat pizza...
ktrg pon sms la signal la konon...dh ready..
haha..oh ye..b4 dat,arina dh abes idea dh nk bwk ezy pegi mane..
dah la kt Delta..pusing2 kejap dh 3 round..
n ezy pulak asyik tanye je arina.."bile nk g pizza ni..i lapar..".haha
thanx arina..susah2 ko cover..sempat belikan mael baju plak tu..
*mael tu bf arina*

saat yang di tunggu pon tibe..ezy n arina dtg..
ezy was blushing..siyesly...she even ade hati nak kluar patah balik bile tgk ramai org tggu die..
ciyan ezy,terkejot ekk...dat's what the party was all about babe.
fuh~..jadi jugak akhirnye..
dah mkn pizza(punye la lame nk order =p),nyanyi lagu birthday,mkn cake,and bagi hadiah..
bergambar mcm nk rak..haha
and lucky ezy,die dpt ice cream free from pizza hut.
oh ade cite klaka...tym nk blk..ktrg pon teringin la nk bergambar beramai2..
then we suruh la mas pizza tu amek gmbar..
semua control ayu..senyum manis je..
ttbe mas tu cakap..


kakakakah..klaka gile ok..
dari =) jadi =D
boleh die ckp smell..

pape pon...birthday party tu sgt best!!
thanx to semua yang dtg :

nad(sy la tu),cikin,arina,anis,aliya,acap,mirul,moon,uni,dini,emma n huda..

xde la ramai sgt tapi meriah je.hehe..

ni die gambar2 bertuah yg masuk blog sy...

yang tengah tu ezy,da bufday gurl

we LOVE ezy
(ezy,u look cute)

shikyn n huda

moon,ema n uni

aliya,dinin moon

nad n a lil bit of acap (he's the love)

ezy excited dpt cake.haha

err.. =p

ololo...sweet nye la korang

anis,arina,ezy,aliya n dini

gurls yang dtg

this is the SMELL moment..ahahha..tahan gelak =D


- EZY n i -

thanx to shikin.hehe

oh ye...yesterday was ezy's bday..she's now 22..ezy,jgn nk gedixx..u dh 22 ok..


whutta nice digits combination

hahaha...psycho ezy..
dear Hiziani bt Hidzir,i'm wishing u..


u know i love u so much...thanx 4 owez being there for me
thru joy n pain,sweet memories n nightmares,
thanx 4 helping me with the studies too =)
haha..glemer sket wish kt blog kn..


Thursday, June 26, 2008


kawan2 sume...jgn jadi mcm sy ye..



haha..i got my final results already..
i'm sure u guys can predict whut this post is all about.yes!!my results suk to da max..
the nilai are so bad i can hardly think of anything else but blaming myself..
my problem is...saye slalu study last minit!! dh nyesal..out of 4, 1 subject je sy tak perlu UP.
(ezy,if u're reading diz,do leave a comment.haha =p)
still ade 3 subjects lagi result x kuar..
wake up nad!!next year dh nk jd dokter muda..takley malas2 dh.
(dtg la tgk sy grad) ke sy senang2 nk buang habit sy ni??
dr skolah lagi mcm ni..oh whutta sinful habit.
k la...dun wanna think bout the past,it hits me really bad i think it's time to change.
everything happens for a reason rite?
i just have to believe that i can be it...
the secret recipe of success is NOTHING.we just have to believe in ourselves.



-it's so wise n beautiful-

Saturday, June 21, 2008


haha...kt cni final exam name die ujian akhir semester..UAS..
nk wat blog bhs indon la plak..mmber2 indon ckp diorg x phm blog saye yg dlm BM..hehe

ok...besok senin 23juni adalah tarikh yg paling ditakuti ama anak2 FK 05..ya.. siapa yg ga takut ama UAS?(kukuh mgkin ya?! =p)... mau blajar apa ya?soalnya buaaanyak banget mata kuliah nya..7 tauu.pdhal kn sbelumnya FK paling cuman 3..huhu..tinggal milih aja yang mana mau blajar,yang mana mau UP..haha..kayak aku...anak n radiologi ga blajar sama skali..mudah2an aja UP nya sama..kalo ga..ya mampus deh~..itu pun yang lain nya blum tentu ga UP..jiwa aja blum slesai blajar..haha..we'll see...ok deh...gud luck buat smua anak FK 05 n smoga bisa liburan semester 2 bulan...daaa~

p/s : takOOOt~

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


the computer-animated action/comedy "Kung Fu Panda" propagates the fantasy that any slacker, any dummy, even a lazy panda, can become a heroic dragon warrior just by virtue of believing in himself. (take note guys =p) .no real effort or sustained commitment is fun,light and a very funny kids movie with just enough zippy humor and sophistication to keep the adults engaged.believe me,i was laughing tak-kontrol-ayu-punye in the cinema.besides, how could anybody not like a movie that offers up a line like "we do not wash our pits in the pool of sacred tears!"??! was hilarious. oh...diz movie boasts too many over-the-top action sequences at the expense of characterizations and demonstrates a verbal addiction to the annoying adjective "awesome!" .hehe.i'm glad i watched it even my final exam was in 2 weeks..(now it's less than 1 week left--wish me luck)..last but not least,KUNGFU PANDA beats all any other animated movies.
thanx DreamWorks.


bad news...bad news..yesterday,i had an appoinment wif shikyn at the dentistry faculty to x-ray my teeth..or to be exact,my wisdom teeth..i was planning to take out all of them,since it's so hard for the brush to reach them (can be the route of infection,yuck) plus living with no wisdom tooth is FINE..but unfortunetely,i just knew that 1 of them(yg bwh kanan) is having some kinda prob..dunno the exact dentistry-term..and i can only take it out by minor operation..ok,tell u what,i've never ever went for any oral surgery and obviously,it really freaks me out..haha.go for it,should i or shouldn't i?

Sunday, June 08, 2008

hoho...even dekan cup kali ni bkn batch sy yg handle..nk promote gak..closing nnt afgan dtg!hehe..i really admire his lagu die x hafal pon..sore die macho muke cm kanak2..hehe..dtg jgn x dtg...hehe..



p/s : yeay!

-1 year n counting-

Sunday, June 01, 2008


heart pounding!adrenaline pumping!diz movie is definitely one of my favorites! i watched it last nite (midnite movie) together with acap,ezy,arina,maey,dolah,nou,zu,amar,thila,abg ishak,abg firdaus,aiman,aki n amenk..
the film is tremendously entertaining and thankfully fantastic.the spiderwick chronicles is based upon the books of the same name by i-dunno-who.da plot centers around a broken family dat moves into an old house that has been in the family for years, in hopes of starting over.i just knew that Freddie Highmore plays two roles in diz film, twin brothers Jarod and Simon.gosh!he got me!i really tot that they are twins,for i didn't know who Freddie Highmore was(but i know he played the role Charlie in the Charlie n da choc factory movie).and now that i do,i think he does an impressive job at keeping the two personalities distinct and different.Jarod discovers a book written by his late great uncle.he reads the book, and in the process awakens the evil creatures for they are dying to have it to obtain the knowledge hidden within the book to destroy mankind, and creature-kind as,Jarod n his family have to protect the book from the evil.this film is not only fantastic but it's also involving and interesting from the start and keeps it's energy and charm throughout the running time.
Having never read the books, i can't make any comparisons but the spiderwick chronicles movie undeniably makes fantasy and magic fun+cute!