Friday, June 27, 2008


- EZY n i -

thanx to shikin.hehe

oh ye...yesterday was ezy's bday..she's now 22..ezy,jgn nk gedixx..u dh 22 ok..


whutta nice digits combination

hahaha...psycho ezy..
dear Hiziani bt Hidzir,i'm wishing u..


u know i love u so much...thanx 4 owez being there for me
thru joy n pain,sweet memories n nightmares,
thanx 4 helping me with the studies too =)
haha..glemer sket wish kt blog kn..



ezy said...

do u realised how ironic when ppl thought we were twins, or siblings padahal kite langsung tak serupe??

Obvious gler muke kite lain,so kite dgn sarcastic menjwb 'yes, we r twins!' then, we tried to explained to every single person who tought we were, that we were not, but up to certain extend we were to exhausted to say anything, sbb bukan beberape kali, like thousands times, so kite dgn senyum sinis 'aah, shes my sister' or even 'same emak lain ayah(ahahaha, sarcasm tingkat tinggi =) )'

this whole thing made me realised, kite tak serupe,but we have loads in common (even bukan dlm semua bende la)..we had diff perception abt things at times, but the differences had made us understand each other more..

babe, u r like a sister that i never had, a fren that i cant afford to lose, and a twin which i wished for real..

Thanks babe for the blog, sweet la u wish i dalam blog..ehehhehe..n thanks a zillion for everything, which means every SINGLE thing..luv ya much!!! =)

-ezy honey-

wedrinkblood said...

eh korg mcm kembar lah!

nadhirah mohd shakri said...

aaaa...~terharu..haha..ok la kembar cam ezy,dr kembar mcm acap =p

izi said...

wekk, nad tak nak kembar ngn acap..lalalala~~~~~