Tuesday, June 17, 2008


the computer-animated action/comedy "Kung Fu Panda" propagates the fantasy that any slacker, any dummy, even a lazy panda, can become a heroic dragon warrior just by virtue of believing in himself. (take note guys =p) .no real effort or sustained commitment necessary.it is fun,light and a very funny kids movie with just enough zippy humor and sophistication to keep the adults engaged.believe me,i was laughing tak-kontrol-ayu-punye in the cinema.besides, how could anybody not like a movie that offers up a line like "we do not wash our pits in the pool of sacred tears!"??!.hahaha..it was hilarious. oh...diz movie boasts too many over-the-top action sequences at the expense of characterizations and demonstrates a verbal addiction to the annoying adjective "awesome!" .hehe.i'm glad i watched it even my final exam was in 2 weeks..(now it's less than 1 week left--wish me luck)..last but not least,KUNGFU PANDA beats all any other animated movies.
thanx DreamWorks.


bad news...bad news..yesterday,i had an appoinment wif shikyn at the dentistry faculty to x-ray my teeth..or to be exact,my wisdom teeth..i was planning to take out all of them,since it's so hard for the brush to reach them (can be the route of infection,yuck) plus living with no wisdom tooth is FINE..but unfortunetely,i just knew that 1 of them(yg bwh kanan) is having some kinda prob..dunno the exact dentistry-term..and i can only take it out by minor operation..ok,tell u what,i've never ever went for any oral surgery and obviously,it really freaks me out..haha.go for it,should i or shouldn't i?


:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

u kne odontektomi hunny...
they're gonna cut your gums..creeeet~~!!
hehehe...anyway, kungfu panda mmg best!!

nadhirah mohd shakri said...

ckyn~~..mwax!!aaa~..td lunch n ade food lekat kt gigi tu..aaa~...tak psal2 kne berus gigi byk kali tiap ari..haha..i benci gigi2 tu...nk buang!!tp takot..haha