Sunday, June 01, 2008


heart pounding!adrenaline pumping!diz movie is definitely one of my favorites! i watched it last nite (midnite movie) together with acap,ezy,arina,maey,dolah,nou,zu,amar,thila,abg ishak,abg firdaus,aiman,aki n amenk..
the film is tremendously entertaining and thankfully fantastic.the spiderwick chronicles is based upon the books of the same name by i-dunno-who.da plot centers around a broken family dat moves into an old house that has been in the family for years, in hopes of starting over.i just knew that Freddie Highmore plays two roles in diz film, twin brothers Jarod and Simon.gosh!he got me!i really tot that they are twins,for i didn't know who Freddie Highmore was(but i know he played the role Charlie in the Charlie n da choc factory movie).and now that i do,i think he does an impressive job at keeping the two personalities distinct and different.Jarod discovers a book written by his late great uncle.he reads the book, and in the process awakens the evil creatures for they are dying to have it to obtain the knowledge hidden within the book to destroy mankind, and creature-kind as,Jarod n his family have to protect the book from the evil.this film is not only fantastic but it's also involving and interesting from the start and keeps it's energy and charm throughout the running time.
Having never read the books, i can't make any comparisons but the spiderwick chronicles movie undeniably makes fantasy and magic fun+cute!

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