Thursday, July 10, 2008

:+:+: FacEbOoK :+:+:


ain was the first person who asked me to make a facebook account..
i was like...facebook??whut's dat? LOL =D
well,sorry people..i was kinda out-dated back then...
(not dat i'm not now..haha)
u know ain,she's rili good in dragging people =p so i did immediately create one.
but unfortunately i was too bz..or to be honest,
i wasn't really interested in any other social networking website but friendster..
eh no no...not that i wasn't interested but i thought i won't be able to manage having 2 different accounts at the same time..
*( but blogging is different tho.. =p )
so i decided to just let it hanging there until the day when i think i'm ready..

*it may be end up being like my myspace and my hi-5 accounts : NOT ACTIVE AT ALL

but guess whut people,i'm now officially in love with facebook..

haha..the day has come~
facebook is totally different,much more fun and entertaining.
it's neither complicated nor simple..very2 addictive =)

adri,u did ask my facebook email didn't u?
add me..

p/s : ouh...i think facebook shud pay me for this little promotion. LOL

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