Tuesday, July 15, 2008

my precious holiday

yeay~..i just got my result and surprisingly i pass with flying colors.
alhamdulillah..2 months of holiday for this 6th semester break.
i couldn't be happier~
hey don't blame me for being too excited...
i really thought i was going to join the SP for diz sem.
plus,they don't really give us medical students long holidays in Indonesia.
the max we can get = 1 MONTH only! except for the 6th sem break--2 months
---if we don't have any D or E and BC n below for PBL.

see my previous semester breaks were only 1 month each..
(except for the 4th semester break because i had to join the SP.damn u PBL)

so this is my first 2months-holiday ever!


p/s : awaaak~~..u're not sombong..sorry 4 everything =p


ain loot said...

congratsssssss nad..yeaaay..im going home nxt wek..x sbr gileee k..tp blk nnt kne collect data plak n siapkn thesis waaaaa nad g brisbane bile??x dpt laa nk ikot..stakat holiday kt msia bleyh la nnt ayah biseng x sdar diri ke kne siapkn thesis hahaa eyh ain g kb nnt mid of aug..cousin kawen..nad ade x??if ade, kite jmpe k??

[L][a][L][a] said...

meh dtg kl cepat!!