Thursday, July 10, 2008

:+:+: wonderful,meaningful :+:+:

i dunno exactly why am i posting diz..
i just want the writer to know how much i appreciate his work and his art...
i loike it,i love it...he always sings to me everytym he gets someting,everytym he writes something..
even sumtyms it may seems like i'm not even listening..haha..sorry dear..
but the thing is,they really take my breath away..
credit to 'him' =)
there are actually a lot more but i just have these..


oh baby i just cant see you frown
because i know you know
that i will drown
im sorry i was late
i see you're angry im afraid
i know it was a big mistake

but baby
please forgive me
dont you know you look so much better when you smile
and baby
please forgive me
i just cant live with that look in your eyes

oh baby please tell what should i do
id jump into the pool if you told me to
if not i'll catch the blues
oh how bout dinner for two?
ill buy the fish and you can make stew
well id do that if you want me to

but baby
please forgive me
dont you know you look so much better when you smile
and baby
please forgive me
i just cant live with that look in your eyes

oh yeah i guess this is it
this is the where the hero gets ditched
im sad how can you be so hard to me
im no super hero or zorro
on my way to mexico
oh no im no super hero on my way to mexico

so please please baby
im begging on my knees
please forgive me
just please forgive me
cos i cant bare that frown no more
id rather drown
id rather drown

so baby
please forgive me
dont you know you look so much better when you smile
and baby
please forgive me
i just cant live with that look in your eyes


such beautiful eyes decorate your face
and the way you move so full of grace
when i see you smile im like all over the place
and ive been waiting for hunreds of days
for this moment to come at bay
so i really can say
what my hearts gotta say

hey hana
you blow me away
like paper planes on a windy day
and once im here im always
gonna stay
be with you everyday
just be with you like today.


maybe it's the way you look at me
or maybe the way you eyes sparkle
at the sight of me
or maybe its just me
but i know it really is you and me

i know you know
that sometimes we may argue
at the little things that we do
but i know you know i love you
and im sorry for the things that i do

all my life i have never felt so true
and i know i will never lose you
if that ever happens it will make me
turn even bluer than blue

what we share is so beautiful
so beautiful it even seems magical
what you give to me is so wonderful
so super wonderful

and you gave me a reason
for me to have a reason
and for that i am so grateful
for having someone so beautiful


recalling the first time i saw her
a thought came storming in me
how i wish i could sit next to her
so that she could talk to me

her shirt was purple in color
oh how i wish i could touch her
the way she touches me
this feeling inside me

its telling me
this is it this is it
she is it she is it

she's not like any other
one of kind
there is no other
a girl like her
makes my heart flutter

you are one of a kind.
you are unlike any other.
happy forever my hana.
our heart they beat the same.
remember number 8


flycandle said...

hi kabar?awak nampak sgt hepi skarang and i'm happy for u.saye nurul..kalo awak masih ingat la..;p
sorry saya delete account awk dari fs list sye.juz bile sy tgok awak sy rase bersalah sgt2 so i deleted ur account.:( but i can see u r happy now and i'm so glad.and again..sorry..

nadhirah mohd shakri said...

oh nway,i am happy...cudnt be happier~...whut do u think bout all the lyrics above?u're the teacher =p

nadhirah mohd shakri said...

arrkk..slh type td..panggil awk ain plak..huhu.oh hye nurul...of coz i still remember u!hows life treating u hun??
well,to be honest...i didnt even realize u deleted me..kat fs ke?huhu..i rarely check my frens' page,dats no heart feeling at all n u dun havta say sorry..plz dun say sorry..small matter la dear..but i wonder y u did dat?izit becoz i left him suffering 4 his own mistakes?if it was my fault n i din know it,i'm the one who shud be sorry..hehe..

wawa said...

another teacher: romantic lyrics
ala2 shakespeare gitu

nadhirah mohd shakri said...

haha..bangge la acap nnt..too bad la klau die x bace ur comment..acap2...susah sgt nk online =(

flycandle said...

auw...cantek nyer lirik..haha..compose sendiri ke? i did what i did becoz i shouldnt intefere wif anything bout both of u..but u r happy with a new oen and i'm happy for u :)) and u are not at fault at all.hee

nadhirah mohd shakri said...

oh i see...hehe..nway,smue tu acap yang tulis..hehe..acap=asyraf elmiza...he's the love =)