Wednesday, August 27, 2008

dead bored

hye blogku sayang~..
i'm dead bored!
i woke up early today,as early as 8 o'clock..
and guess whut,its a nightmare for me..
i hate waking up early and having nothing to do in such a boring place..specifically,SURABAYA.
i tried to sleep,turned the lights off,counted as many numbers as i could...but i failed..i failed getting myself to sleep!haha.(how i wish this happens during exam week)
so i decided to just mandi and have a quick-MaggiMilo-breakfast..
then i feel like getting my so-called sacred notes ready for fren since she said she would love to take them before i separated all my notes and handouts into PharmacO,PA,PF,IKM and Tramed.later on,i watched the TV and my dhemOk called..haha.dhemOk=gemOk. =p


krek krek krek..(bunyi cengkerik)

i finally looked at the clock on my room's wall....10am??!!dammit..
my eyes were like glued to the clock..cant believe it!..baru pkul 10??
"what the f***ing hell am i going to do to kill the tym??" =(

i asked ezy out,but she ade hal..

then nasib baik my dhemOk asked me to teman him makan..yeay!
and now,kitorang kat CC..and here i am,posting this..

so basically this post is all about my boring terrifying morning.

and i have no clue whut am i going to do after this..


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:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

nad!! seems like someone miss me over there. hehe. mis u 2! i blik 31 ni kte jalan2 la cari mkn k? i nk mrah ezy la sbb x lyan u. how dare she wat cmtu! hahaha!