Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Hello bloggy doggy..it has been a while since I last updated u,bee-dee (Bloggy Doggy)

Erk..pdhal br 2 hari =p
meet my super duper cute and handsome cousin.haha
Haras Wafi

rindu nye kt die

Warning : this entry is so delicious..it might cause acute hypersalivation.haha.poyoronos.

To the real chocolate and vanilla lovers,please stand up!

You!yeah you must try the scrumptious CHOCO MELT at Izzi’s Pizza!it’s my so-called ‘wajib’ desert everytime I go to Izzi’s.haha.

Choco melt is actually a scrumptious crispy chocolate cake, with melted chocolate in the inside and it’s served with a scoop of icy cold vanilla ice cream.
Can u imagine how great does it taste when the hot chocolate cake mixing together with the cold vanilla ice cream in your mouth?
Believe me, the taste is tremendously delicious!!.
It’s a great combination of chocolate and vanilla.

Too bad I didn’t have it captured. oh..and u can get it for Rp28,000 if I’m not mistaken. Quite expensive but u know, Izzi’s Pizza’s oferring 45% discount for bill that’s worth Rp100,000 and above.pegi la rmai2 or at least 2 org and sgt murah la jadinye.
Imagine u only have to pay Rp55,000 klau order food byk2 smpai Rp 100,000.so pg la rmai2! Menu kt situ pon sodap2!..erkk..jd promoter Izzi’s plak =p


Nway!..I was tagged by Miss alin rainbow cutie and miss saffy orange howty.
how thoughtful. =)

15 things you should know about me! :

1. I hate cockroaches and their families. really.
2. I cant stand not closing my ears with my hands whenever I see flying insects/bugs..
3. I’m allergic to crab.
4. I can’t stand the unbearable-ticklish-brrrr~~-sound ! aa…plz2..the automatic reflex consumes so many energy. Penat.huhu
5. I can’t stand hot and spicy food...it’s either I’ll give up or i’ll eat it slowly that many would think I’m sort of ‘ayu’ or sumthing.haha.
6. I’m a huge fan of soups,chocolates,sushi,char kuey tiow,cheese and mushrooms.
7. I tremendously love hanging out with him/friends even when I’m deadly broke.
8. I’m talk-less to strangers and that makes me such a bad ice-breaker. But after that,I can be really lousy.
9. I always picture myself racing in The Amazing Race.haha..and winning of course.(in ur dream nad)

10. I love eating but I’m a picky eater..i don’t eat ikan keli(lele)-never!just because of its head,ikan merah because of its colour, spinach because of the pink colour of its kuah and so on..and so on..(too many to type)
11. I love the colour pink..i used to be a pink freak but now I’m trying to be less pinky and use other colours. It seems like soft colours usually win my heart.
12. I’m a sleepyhead. I can sleep all day long and wake up with a massive headache then act like nothing happen after taking a couple of PCM tablets.
13. I love babies and kids..they always do funny stuff without realizing it..and that’s cute!
14. I prefer flats and platforms rather than high heels for everyday use.
15. I hate being in the middle of a crowd especially in a small place/room,I hate summer and winter and I hate traffic jam.

Oops..i guess there are more than 15 if u total them up.whOa~
Don’t worry..i’m not gonna specifically tag anyone..(jadi mcm dieyla)

This tag goes to anyone who cares.. =)

p/s : Huhu..actually ade 2 lagi tag from miss ain yern gojes..tp still dlm draft..manyak capek tau nk jwb..tp sbb sy ni sweet lagi baek ati,sy akan jwb itu dgn spenuh hati later =p ayat takley blah..

later peeps~~


:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

and don 4get to bring student card!
buy 1 free 1 kt izzi
nad i terkejut mhal sgt dat day x jadik buy...
now u dah wt i dro0o0o0o0ol

xbek tau! so u haf to blanje smua org yg leave komen kt cni..
sesiape yg agree ng i.. sile respon2!!

free fud! nad blanje!!

khalida salleh =) said...

nad... tym2 pose ni i baaca ur choc tu kan haisssshhhh wut to do
lagik 4jam nk bbuka!!!!

*mode lapar*

♥ misz orAne ♥ said...

saffy setuju ngan kak syikin!

ahahah..boleh la..
izzi's ice-cream.wee~ ;)

post ini sgt kejam unk dibace oleh orang2 yg tgh pose..

ahah..most of the think dat ppl should noe about kaknad is about food!


btw..safy nk blk da ny..

tata ^^v

:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

now i da rse choco melt

1 word...


nadhirah mohd shakri said...

hahahaha...choco melt mmg purrrfectO!!!saje je wat korang lapar =p