Thursday, September 18, 2008


hye hye hye bloggie doggy...
( mmg suke exaggerate lappy pon sy panggil lappy puppy!!)

ok...diz post is specially dedicated to my beloved friend,,,bestfriend actually.. whom i think it's better not to write her name.(but i think many would guess it correct)

she's facing her hardest time..but u know..she's da same old her,prefer not to be seen sad for she's not starving for attention and sympathy..she's one of the toughest persons i've ever known.
she just broke up with her bf after a 5-year relationship on her birthday!!.
yet,the main reason is still mysteriously's kinda win-win situation i think..they loved each other very much and that makes me sure they've had their final decision.

i shouldn't question it.we shouldn't question it.

5 years ok!
if i were in her shoes,i...i'll..dunno..can't even imagine it.(obviouly i'm not that strong.huhu)

dear babe,u're so strong tau matter whut,i still kagum ng u! hehe..
and pape pon decision u,u tau kan i and friends u yg len mesti care and support u pnye!luv yaa~

-mencintai tak semestinya memiliki-


huhu..part 1 dh abes,masuk part 2 plak..
tibe2 rase nk upload pic,tapi tanak type byk2...hehe..saje je nk share pics..

cake : Happy Birthday Acap Dhemok 20082008

1st : ezy and i.. freshies orientation

location : cafe glass

tabung saye =)
a bit kanak2,but i like it =p


D.i.e.y.L.a said...

nad pakai sweater acapp!!!
besar nak mampos.

nadhirah mohd shakri said...

hahahahha...eytt!!kamOo diam2 la..wekk..

tu la psal..besaar gler

:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

cikgu2! (angkat tangan)
saya tau sapekah die... nak jawab2!
nad awak sangat sweet la. isk2...
nanges terharu..isk2..(kesat2 hingus kt sweater nad)


btol2. cinta tu x smestinye memiliki..

13may said...

hehhe hehe....nka buat camna..takde jodoh :)

btw, salam ronda ronda dari blog sapa ntah...tetiba ajer sampai sini :)

:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

hehe...i ptong kek merah2 mate. sgan ngan sgt x tau...kecuali dat alia dah gtau awl2 korunk nk celeb time i dlm blik. lol...