Wednesday, September 17, 2008

my favorite age

i just bought myself a brand new coin can a.k.a tabung.yeay!syomel gitu.. =)
thanx awk sbb temankn pegi beli kat Cafe Glass td..
the best thing bout it is,IT'S A REAL NON OPEN-ABLE ONE.err~ =p
act,i already have 1..(and it's already full.yeay!)
but it's just an open-able big shower cream bottle u know.haha.creative me.
ntah la.whut was i thinking?when i say open-able,it does mean that i do take the money whenever i desperately need it.very often actually.haha..nadhirah nadhirah.naseb baik berjaye full!

back to the title --> MY FAVORITE AGE

16 is the favorite age that i've been so far..why 16?

-i was in the senior high school(form 5)

-loads of frens..and besties!people called us 'kelip geng'..
and it was when we had our glorious moments. =p
gedix,capub,love attentions = us ...haha
we've been thru a lot.really.and i've learnt that friends will always be there for friends.

-i was at the climax of the so-called teenage life.haha

-maybe because it was the year i was seating for the SPM,my parents gave me extra attention. =)

-the 'Miss Block D tittle' thingy really makes me wanna laugh my arse off.hahaha.CRAP but memorable.

-i had a splendid 3 months full SPM-break without having to go to PLKN.i was only 16 lah,no wonder.

-it was when i my parents finally let me drive their cars.haha

and here..i'd like to tag my fellow blogger friends!
please remain seated,please be calm..(here i go,drama queen-ing again =p)

drum roll plz....

1.asyraf elmiza
8.amar amirah

plus,KAK ZAHIDAH!! nad nk akak jwb tag ni dlm blog!ha...buat la..buat la =p

=) do it babes!


D.i.e.y.L.a said...

hye miss block D!!



kalau malas buat boleh tak?


zahidah said...

tag me! tag me!!
nak gakkk,,,,[huahahaha...saje je nak gedik2 ngan nad. :P]

nadhirah mohd shakri said...

dieyla : haha...daymn u..klaka nk mampos ok!

nway,dh wat kan?maceyyy~

kak zahidah : dah tag..ha..kne wat blog..tak tau..tak tau. =p

:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

mmg swit 16 plg bes..! hehe

mirain said...

adoi...she tagged me by my full name.....~huhuhuhu~

nadhirah mohd shakri said...

shikin : yeah~ 16/17 rawks!!!

amar : ha...ya iyalah..masa iya iya donk..dh bg full name tu,mmg xley lari dh..haha..nasib baek tak tulis mira mirain kuasa bulan! =p