Saturday, September 06, 2008


i went thru izyan's blog and i found out that i must spread one of her latest entries.
it's all about how we,Malaysians can thoughtfully support our beloved country by ONE SIMPLE vote..(and u can actually vote as many as u want)

dear MALAYSIANS,Malaysia needs us...

The Institution of Structural Engineers (IStructE) is holding a contest to determine the most iconic buildings in the world – among them the Petronas Twin Towers. Please vote for Petronas Towers by Visit the IStructE Web site and click on "vote for your favourite structure."

FYI, After 5 weeks of voting, the Burj Al Arab leads with 20% of the votes, followed by Millau Viaduct (13.2%), Petronas Twin Towers (10.6%), Sagrada Familia (9.4%) and Gateshead Millennium Bridge (7.6%). From this point forward, rankings will not be disclosed until the announcement of the winning structure on Friday 3 October.

Come on Guys, in conjunction with 51st Merdeka, support our beloved country, Malaysia !!!!!

The Petronas Twin Towers

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