Sunday, November 23, 2008


it's a splendid day!!

my class ended at 11am!wehoo~
i met so many cute babies who went there for the immunization and check ups.
although the doctor was quite B-O-R-I-N-G,at least he let th
e starving us to go back early.thanx doc!
too bad it was raining cats and dogs!ouh u guys wont believe me,there were leakages here and there,everywhere..INSIDE THE HOSPITAL..seriously,they have to do something bout that!

the slippery floor was tremendously dangerous for the pregnant women lah!!

after that,moon,nadia,lalitha,uni and i went to the so-called best cafeteria in the hospital,URIKA for lunch.

it was still raining when we finished our meals...but i MUST go to the bank(which is located in the UNAIR campus,right opposite the hospital) to claim my
i cant keep on making the 'puppy face' to borrow jantungmanis's money,can i?!?!haha..

as expected,the rain caused a massive flood right in front of the main gate,along the road and yes,inside the campus.
i got no choice but to go to the campus by beca..yes,i went to the walking-distance place by BECA!daymn it.i could have just crossed the road and saved my Rp. 5k..but the flood,it was extreamly dirty..the dead rats were floating and the cockroaches were swimming as if they were in a swimming pool or something.naahh...i cant risk my soft porcelain skin for that..hahahahha..=p

snap snap!

oh campus~

cant deny how bad the drainage system in Indonesia is.
At the present time, Indonesia has so many problems that,if not treated well, they will be a threat to the country. The environmental problems, two of which that are quite urgent for me are:


The fact of the matter is, the flood and the pollution problems are something Indonesians and not to forget,us the foreigners cannot afford to put off any longer.
Problems in these areas are so serious and incessant that the government should and must re-evaluate its priorities and start doing something about this.
They must stop doing nothing but create situations, laws and regulations that will further distract the general attention of the public from their impotence.

let see..

pollution + flood --> shortage of food supply --> soaring food prices which is the culprit of many malnutrition cases across the country --> hunger related death --> affect the economy and well-being of the people.

-Something unthinkable and unheard of just a decade ago-

this isn't an incurable situation..
but will any of these problems at least improves?

i'm hoping for a miracle to happen.
we shall wait and see ......................

ouh...talking bout this splendid day..
i'm so excited for the increase of RM rate..

the rate for RM:Rupiah for today is 3200!!!!!--at the BANK!!
i wonder what's the current rate at AMPEL?!?!

maybe!!........... =)


♥ Queen S ♥ said...

owh.i neva saw campus banjir cmny.
pg td pon kuar pas hujan lipas mati merata2.
geli gle nk langkh.hek.
beca is a good option since it's raining la.huu.xkesa la rp5k terbng kn.huu..
byk ny saffy mmbebel~
sgt xske.
tp bes sbb sejuk & bole tdo lme2...xD

nadhirah mohd shakri said...

hahaha..tu la psal..terpakse la nek beca..
uh..yg kt cmpus ni ok lagi..kat spital and jln dpn spital tuu lagi la terok taw!

sgt byk lipas.menciiiiiiii

tp kn baik la cmni ttiap ari drp panas gile mcm musim kemarau tu