Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Lets talk about FOOD!

This time I’m not gonna promote any heavy cuisine..just some light scrumptious snacks.(if u too do consider donuts as light,hehe)


Menu :
J spot

3 donuts,2 drinks(hot or cold) for only Rp48,000.(RM18)

I examined every words of it,making sure my brains
got it correctly. For me,it’s unbelievably reasonable lah for such nice donuts and drinks.and u get to choose any donuts and drinks u want. c’mon la,my drink(iced caramel) itself is already Rp28,000,cant remember whut acap ordered but at least the price must be above Rp25,000.the donuts?it’s Rp6,000 each.. so total up..Rp71,000!but clear water don’t sangka no buaya nooo…they’ll only give u small size drinks for this promo..but then again…sy still jimat!

Everybody loves J.CO! =p

Location : Manyar Ketoarjo,Surabaya.

Thanks to Amore,I now realize that gelato(which means frozen in Spanish-I guess) is totally different from Ice-Cream.omg,I’m so ketinggalan zaman.haha.gelato contains less fat than ice cream.if I’m not mistaken la kan..there are 0.1% fat in gelato,and 15% in ice-cream.
*adik2 eskrem sekalian,sile ambil perhatian yerp*

Ok,back to the menu..we ordered :
twilight zone

Wild Mushroom Cream Soup
It looked so creamy and irresistible.. your brain will immediately send the transmition to ur salivary glands to produce more juice just by looking at it.*exaggerate* The taste? the chunky mushrooms.the soup was neither too sweet nor too salty.PERFECTO!i guess I’ll see u soon Wild Mushrooms Cream Soup!



[missmiracle] said...

g mkn gelato amore x ajaakkk!!..sedaapnya eskreemmm tuhhhh!!!nk .....*ngamuk2!!

nadhirah mohd shakri said...

ahahaha....sabo ye nak..duet gaji mak bulan nk tak masok lagi.hahak..
ngamok ek..pukul bontot die! *pap!pap!pap!*

[missmiracle] said...

hahaahha..=D mak pilih kaseh...p ngn jantung mnis mak jaa...wawaawaawaw...

adui~xdpt eskrem kene bntot plak..pilih kaseh2..!!pilh kaseh...=(

:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

looks delicious!
u wat i lapo la...