Sunday, November 23, 2008

missing home

fuh...i'm feeling a little blue today as i'm terribly missing my home sweet home..
life in Surabaya is certainly different
and after 3+ years I'm still not used to it. Doubt that I will ever be as the pace of life here is a bit nuts. i just cant put my finger on why i just dont mesh well..
ok nad stop it..stop being childish..but i cant help it..
i miss my family badly...
i wish i could just go back for RAYA HAJI..ayah doesn't mind if i feel like going back.
but i cant risk my study week..OMG UAS is freaking me out!!
it's so torturing living in here..maybe it's not that bad..but i think a lot..
alright,i should stop thinking...stop thinking...stopping...stop.

umah nenek.
nenek masak special utk sy!
simple and sgt SEDAP.. tambah sampai 3 kali =)

home sweet home dari tepii..
xde gambar dr depan =(


kemma said...

nad saba la..
nnt cuti balik la okey?
windu plak kat umah ko.
ingat lg kejadian aku sesat dalam rumah ko?
hahahahahahahaha.malu aku!

nadhirah mohd shakri said...

x cdey2 dah!
huhu...igt2!time aku panggil makan tu ekk?boley lak men sesat2...adess