Friday, November 07, 2008


good morning everyone!!
as u all can see,my bee dee has a new look..

so please welcome,simple and adorable!!

i used to use the classic templates,thus i didn't get most of the "facilities" that are provided by blogger..u know,such as friends' updates and all the gadgets..

i've been doing them (gadgets in the previous template) all by this and that,even for the label charged me additional rajinness and i've found it somewhat very tiring and awful..

moreover,i want a wider,strecthed page..

yeah gotta admit i love the previous skin soooo much!!

but this is easier!this is wider!this is simplier~
and i get to decorate my bloggy doggy!

i love it =)

haha.i know i'm so ketinggalan zaman.

thanx for the warmth and unwavering support peeps!

p/s : last night the electricity went out,AGAIN..
no light came into my room except for the very2 blurry moonbeams streaming through the window.i called jantungmanis,but he was already asleep.ei ei.urgh..i hate being alone in the dark..i just hate it. ='(



D.i.e.y.L.a said...



[missmiracle] said...

hahaha..lawak alin masuk yg atas tu kaler purple masuk pulak dh kaler rainbow..heeee..~btw..suke kaler wrni2 cmtu..=P

nadhirah mohd shakri said...

dila : macey~~~...eyh,update la blog kamoo...windu.hahak

alin : la,dh mmg tgh update =p
kite same2 rainbow laa ekk..
eskrem rainbow paddle pop.nyum3