Monday, November 17, 2008

thanks my dear~

i'm indebted to this one sweet friend of mine for her thoughfulness.she made this entry bout her friends and i'm in it!i'm so flattered dear~

1.she's ain's(my bestfriend) bestfriend.they were schoolmates back in TKC -- the most gedix-est school =p.
so basically i've known her even before we met..

2.i can still remember the first time she called was the day when i was warded for the daymn DENGUE FEVER..
just a coincidence anyway.she wanted to ask me bout surabaya's life and the so the studies.-- and now,she happens to be the 'luckiest' junior to get my nasty and full-of-conteng2 notes and handouts.haha.

3.i love it when we update each other bout our life.1 week not seing each other seems like 10 years for us.

4.she has been helping me so much with my problems and dilemma.

she's one of the people that i love most in SURABAYA..
she's miss INTAN FARHANA!

we rocked bromo!

2008 juniors' orientation.
we are camera whores.
(most of my bestfriends are..i wonder why)

majlis berbuka puasa dgn duta
she's the how-to-make-the-gedix-poses superb coach

cant deny how gedix we are

latest pic together~



may our friendship last forever
never gets withered by age,but gets more beautiful with time..
i love u!


freNNy said...

sukeeeeee!! d picss r cun! n gedixx

nadhirah mohd shakri said...

hehehe...kite klau posing gedix,pics tu mesti cun..hahaha...
long live gedix!