Sunday, November 30, 2008


new moon Stephenie Meyer's

dah beli buku nyii =)
mule2 nak beli buku 'twilight',tapi jantungmanis ckp baek beli buku y
ang after twilight sbb twilight dah tgk kat movie..nnt dh ade duet byk sket baru la beli 'twilight'.. hehe..btol gak kate sy beli la buku 'new moon' nyii..waah!~ tak sabar nak bace!
tapi bagi jantungmanis bace dlu.. sy mcm byk lagi x study,after final exam baru nk bace.
yela.. after final nnt,confirm sy akan byk sgt mase sampai taktau nak buat ape a.k.a menganggur.. haha. so baik la time tu je sy start bace =)

slalu nye sy pow novel2 acap je klau tringin nk membace (thanx syg!).. sy jarang bwk balik novel (haha..pdhal lupe.adess..mude2 dh nyanyok)..
klau nak beli english novel byk2 kat indon ni..mcm mahal jew.skali skale xpe la.hahak..pow je la,senang cite,jimat sket! =p

meh sni sy nk pomot!!
sape yang dah tgk cite "twilight"??
best kaaann?????!!!
disebabkan sy belom bace buku tu,sy kne la rate movie ni 9 over 10!
takley nak bagi 10/10 =p
romantic sgt2!but not the titanic or a walk to remember kind of romantic la~
hero die ensem and macho abes!(bonus disitu =p)
kene,harus,wajib tengok ye kawan2!


D.i.e.y.L.a said...

acap bace novel kah??

nak tgk twilight!!!

Liquid said...

ehehe. br tgk twilight ni td. mmg besh..!! hee.
betui2, ensem gk hero die. jeles2. ekekekee

mimi said...

hello nad, mimi here..
been reading ur blog for a while actually :P ..
btw, twilight dh release kat surabaya?
omg kat bandung ni tak release2 lagi..
mimi dah bace all 4 books, so its killing me when xdpt tgk lg the movie..
mimi dgr it wasnt as best as the book, bt who cares when pattinson is damn hot in it rite :P..
oh btw, mimi suggest nad cpat2 bace twilight novel version..
u'l stop doing anythg just to finish the book..
okey, i have a problem in keeping things simple, sorry for rambling tau :P
n lastly, welcome another twilight fan, glad that u found another wonders of the world :P

zahidah said...

vahahaha....i want a vampire bf oh!! bolehkah? hee.. :D
if u notice, edward is cedric diggory(in harry potter). n yeah he's hot!irresistible~ *drooling...*

nadhirah mohd shakri said...

diela : jgn tatau~~ acap tu rajin membace novel.haha..aku pon kalah

liquid : haha..mmg ensem!

mimi : ouh!!~ mimi ni nak kne ekk...jd silent reader jew..omg! i know how u feel~ but the movies wasnt dat bad after least i think so..nnt la nad bace all the books owkeis???x lame lagi UAS..menci!
huaaa..cant wait!

kak zahidah : yeap!!!betol~...a'ah,nad pon bar prasan after tgk movie. die mmg cedric!!hot!

:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

nad! i da tengok da cte nih! sweet sgt2! ezy was like gengam my arms cm nk teputus cair tengok dat guy nye sapal!!!!!!!!!
gle la! nak bf camtu...
eh eh..xnk2! nk my bf jadi cmtu!
hot!hot! killer stare!!!!!!!!!!!

mimi said...

nad, mimi dh tgk dh...
damn nice movie..
but i made a mistake by comparing it to the novel, so spoiler habes cz there are few moments yg sgt2 different..
but if mimi tak compare, surely i wud b very nice..
better than i expected..
btw, gudluck on ur uas key..
may u have all the luck in the world!!

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