Tuesday, December 30, 2008

my polka dots purse~

TAG!! what could be worst than this?!haha
but i love being tagged! i do~~

1st TAG!

1. sesiapa yg kne tag, tulis 10 sesuatu berkenaan org yg men'tag' die.
SAFFY a.k.a Queen S (as in SERENA!!)..read this :

♥ she's such a huge fan of the colour 'ORANGE'.
♥ she's MAWI's kipas susah mati..oh not to forget,FARID KAMIL..lol

♥ she's taken!by someone who's currently in Malaysia
♥ she's a camwhore..just like me.ahaks
♥ oh...she's my junior btw

♥ she's devoted to her family..

♥ hot!and gorgeous..(bluek~~..tapi ikhlas)

♥ shopaholic!
♥ very2 open n cool

♥ i adore the heels that she wore during raya haji celebration..unbelievable!seriously,i wont be able to even stand in that thingy.

2. org yang kne tag,kene tulis tentang dirinya.

♥ taken jugak...
♥ missing my bestest buddies- the kelips!

♥ sleepyhead!

♥ currently addicted to TV series

♥ i'm simple

♥ i have a list of no-no (s)

♥ i love pink..
♥ i love traveling esp backpacking.
♥ i love my friends and him

♥ cant wait to get out of here!

3. at the end,you need to choose 1o ppl to tagged and list their name.

(waaah..baik gile)

2nd TAG!!

(by alin blair)

1. Snap picture of both inner and outer side of your wallet
2. Introduce your wallet brand, price and where you bought it

Brand : top shop
Price n Place bought : Rp. ***,000,BALI!! =)

3. Take out whatever is inside your wallet (ayarkkk~)

*ade duit skeping due
*Bank Niaga ATM card

*Century Pharmacy card

*Topman Fashion Fast Forward points card (asyraf elmiza punye)
*Sushi Tei's offers card

yeay~ berjaya!!!


♥ Queen S ♥ said...

kak nad!!
huhu.tulis pon jd kale oren.
tanxs btw.
i looove u~

nadhirah mohd shakri said...

hahahahah....akak mmg sweet owkay!

love ya tOo...and love ur heels too..hahah

zahidah said...

purse anda,
nampak menarik~
seperti mau grab. haha~

*kidding* *kidding*

nadhirah mohd shakri said...

hahaahha...purse nad simple je..kecik je..senang nk bwk pg mane2..haha..