Wednesday, December 03, 2008

+:+:+ my ultimate significant other +:+:+


i know i should've wrote bout this long long time ago =)

he has told me his deep feelings and of course,they are returned.
this is it,he is it =)

he's my significant other...

we've remained together through good times and bad.we fight,of course.but we're happy most of the time.we've done countless thoughtful things just because it makes us feel good.neither of us makes sacrifices,just compromises =)

he's my significant other...
we have great supernatural chemistry. i can be myself when i'm with him more so than anyone else. spending time together is the first thing i'd wish for every time.
we don't have everything in common I must say(obviously),yet it makes us complete each other. just like black and white, coffee and tea, coke and pepsi =p .

he's my significant other...

the person whose opinion i'm addicted to..i'm indebted to him for his advices and unwavering supports..not to forget,his patience! i feel grateful as he shares his warmth thoughts and experiences that helped me unlock so many doors in my current life.thanks dear =)

he's my significant other...

i care bout him more than anything. except for family,friends and studies,other priorities take a backseat.

he's my significant other...

i feel comfortable and secure.i trust him.i trust that hurting me is the last thing on earth he could think of.and as for me,there should be no room for suspicion and need to test each others' feelings or loyalties.he's in love with me.we are in love.full stop.
and thinking bout our future,it gives me mentegaterbang(butterflies),makes my heart pounds so hard and fast that it could burst in any time.
yes,it is that crazy.

this is it..he is it =)
may us be perpetually together.

you are are the ULTIMATE.
it's automatic and i'm sure of it.
no lies,so don't even try to tell me that you're not the guy.
coz i've been waiting all my life,for someone just like u.
you are it...u're the ultimate YOU.

p/s : this is normal isn't it?hehe


D.i.e.y.L.a said...

blink blink.

*im speechless*

asyraf elmiza ahmad said...

mentegaterbangsalutmadukasihsayangantiracun buat kamu~!!!

nadhirah mohd shakri said...

dieyla : speechless sbb ape??!! kite serupa kah??hehe..sweet x shaye?!

sayang : xnk yang salut madu la!nak yang bersalut coklat! *dush*

zahidah said...

haha..kamu sweet! ;D

D.i.e.y.L.a said...

tu la pasal.
bukan serupa.
terlebih sweet la.
tak tahan.

nadhirah mohd shakri said...

kak zahidah : hehehe... skali skale jd shweet ape salah rase nye lately mcm makin sweet jew..haha

dieyla : hahaha..x tahan eyh??haha..malu la weii..
pape pon,u're 1 of my inspiratio!! 3 taun tuuu.