Thursday, January 22, 2009


febris a.k.a fever a.k.a DEMAM!!

sy demam.ohmigod!

it all started last saturday,when my family and i went to Tanah Merah to visit my lil bro,amin.
i got flu instantly after we had dinner on our way back home.(too much seafood i was a blast!). i wasnt feeling so well with the running nose and the nose was 'swelling' like hell,the mucous was massively produced by the cells of the glands and i can only supply the oxygen to my body by breathing thru my mouth.

haha.trying hard to not using medical terms.

u see, i rarely got flu when i'm in malaysia.
but in indonesia,getting flu is a must.yeah don't give me the u-gotta-be-kidding-me look.
indonesia,specifically SURABAYA is a very polluted's like a dusty container with people in it. meanwhile,i'm kind of sensitive to dust and weather dad got it's in the blood.

2 days ago,my flu started to heal and i was so happy about it!btw,.saye seorang bakal dokter yang sangat pemalas nak makan ubat.terima kasih.
but clear water dont sangka no buaya..then i started to cough a lot.uhukk uhukkk.
and immediately after that,my body temperature was raising up and up.(almost 40 degrees ok).
pastu tadi tibe2 flu balik.
whutta nice scheduled protection process my body got.
i hate fever.i hate drugs(medicine).

so basically,i'm doing nothing but dealing with my 'busy' nose and drinking water as many as i can.

ouh...this is such a nightmare.i hate this,tremendously!!



i'd like to thank those names mentioned below:

-my vampire (bloodrinker)
-Mr. Buttsy

all in one,asyraf elmiza ahmad..
thanx dear sbb dah susah2 tolong cuci kan my gambar pasport tu.umi saye pon membebel,susahkan asyraf je!
hahak.takpe..jantungmanis seorang bf yang tak berkire =)
ouh ye,gambar berkenaan adalah untuk daftar judisium.haritu saye salah bagi gambar kat kak ila,baru dapat taw yang untuk daftar judisium,die nak gambar hitam putih,bukan yang ade kaler.pastu nak kne pakai kertas daf(or whutever la ejaan die).

ngengade tak uni saye??!!

jantungmanis is going back to surabaya tomorrow,sobsob~
so sy mintak tolong die je la tolong pass kan gambar tu kat yasmin or kak ila.naseb baik ade orang cipta bende alah yang bernama e-mail..fuh~
even jarak kitorang beribu-ribu km,dapat la sy bagi kat die gambar tu =p
(dah la gambar burok gilew,mata sembab,hidung sembab..demam la katekan.haha). pastu mak jantungmanis pulak tengok gambar tu..hadoii... =p

papepon,THANKS a lot dear.

psst!dah la die susah2 tolong,pastu tadi sy pegi marah lak kat jantungmanis sbb die lupe nak gtau org kedai tu nak pakai kertas daf(kertas kasar sket tu,kdai kt msia panggil kertas matt).haha..cowiiie!sengal la diriku ni!siap boleh cakap die berkira and ungkit2 lagi.haha..saye dan emo saye.

tapi sbenar nye tak sure la jugak kertas matt tu adalah kertas daf ke tak..pening2!
takpe la..jantunmanis sanggop je pegi print kat surabaya pulak..hadoii...i'm so sorry dear..awk baek and sweet sgt2! TQ! I LOVE YOU...always have,always will.


zahidah said...

olololohhh, ciannyer kamu~~
anyway, i hate taking meds whenever im ill. boleh gang ah! hehe..
sumtimes, sampai gado2 with my mum coz xmau pegi clinic coz, kalau pegi clinic nanti kena mkn ubat.
my fav quote time sakit, "alah, sakit ckit jee.xmati ponn.." huhu..

btw, get well soon dear!

:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

nad! get wel sun. dun eat dengan rakus sangat. bwak bertendang k. muah2. luv yah!