Saturday, January 03, 2009

+:+:+ a simple THANK +:+:+

i'm happy for what i have now..for ALL that i have.
i'm glad i'm growing in this nasty torturing world and still being able to think straight and appreciate things and people.doors unlocked,lessons gained.
i couldn't ask for more ( except for a little help with my laziness maybe)..

2008 waved goodbye but definitely not the memories.

laughing hysterically during those crazy moments,smiling all day long for the on-top-of-the-world-feeling that the happiness gave and feeling sad when bad things invaded.
being around supportive family,friends and boyfriend have made me feel so secure.
and not to forget,the feeling of loving and being loved..was undoubtedly the most magnificent experience.

my 2008 was so colourful.
who would have thought??

and for that,i thank all the people involved.
(u know who u are) spirit!!

(hoping 2009 will be as beautiful and colourful as 2008 was)

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