Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Yunalis Zarai

the talented YUNA

never knew bout was just a coincidence.i viewed someone's blog ( cant remember who) and yuna's song was i downloaded a few songs and i've found that they are amazing,ear candy,soo nice!the versatility of her vocals really took my breath away.
her voice is amazing.really..

she started writing songs when she was 19.the same age when she started to learn to play the guitar.when she was getting better,she recorded her songs on her laptop and that was when one of her friends convinced her to play at his gig,around 2 years ago and it all turned out all right in the end...

most of her songs are in english.she's a law student.

yuna!!! suara awak sedap laaaaa

feel free to visit her myspace profile -->

suke lagu rocket!best2..
nway,i'd rather say she's the malaysian version of CORINE BAILEY ...hehe.jantungmanis pon rase camtu. mcm KATE NASH pon ade gak. pape pon..she rawks! dan la bertudung kan =)


zahidah said...

wah! wah!
saye peminat kipas-susah-mati dia.
i really hope i can c her perform live. she's really, really talented singer. mastu nak beli ep dia, tp dah sold out! :(
dia, budak law yg hebat!! wah!! i loooooooveeeeeee her! actually, dia da lame jd singer cume xde record label. last year time raya dia baru release her ep album.
ahh..ya. this sunday, dia perform kat pwtc. nak pegi, tp monday ada class. so tabole pegi coz nanti xsempat nak balik melaka. T_T"""

*p/s: i love "these streets". lyrics pun cool! huhu.

♥ Queen S ♥ said...

kaknad!!i used to write about her.fes song saffy dgr adlah 'dan sebenarnye..'sore dy soo angelic.norah jones malaysia!!huhu.da la pki tudung.kagum ah!hee..

:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

nad!!!! llalalala!!! nad!!!

nadhirah mohd shakri said...

kak zahidah : huaaarghh...sore die mmg sedap sgt2! nway,klau akak jumpe die,tlg mntak kn otograp for me eh eh..hehe...

saffy : yeah! br teringat pernah bace kt ur blog...tu la..ala2 norah jones pon ade..kagum2!!die sgt selesa ng diri sdiri...gud2

ckin babe : lalala~ teletubbies.again!again! =p