Sunday, February 01, 2009


i suppose this poem/lyrics written by jantungmanis is very suitable for the people who are facing the war in Gaza.

by : Asyraf Elmiza Ahmad

there's explosions in the sky
little baby don't you cry
cos everything's gonna be alright
people live and then they die
so there's no need for us to cry
just be strong and don't let the spirit die

maybe now we are the lovers
in this world that loves to hate
maybe now we are the hated
in return for the love we gave
it's okay for us to be strange
let us pave the way for change
yeah let us pave the way for change

so don't let them bring you down
don't let them take your crown
defend it even if you have drown
just don't let them take our crown

and someday this will all end
no more explosions in the sky
only the truth will shine
only then can we cry


edy said...

OMG acap always knows how to write...especially poems...

aku naik sebak baca sajak ni...good job acap!

nadhirah mohd shakri said...

i cried the first time i read this.lagi2 time tu tengah kecoh psal perang kt GAZA.
but acap said he wrote this tanpa perasaan pon.haha.sengal isnt he?