Wednesday, March 18, 2009

ENT here i come

all the rumors ( hope actually.haha) about the postponement of our senior clinical posting aren't coming true.sigh~
starting on 23rd march 2009 which is this coming monday, i will be working at RUMAH SAKIT DR. SOETOMO as a Dokter Muda with perfectly nothing in my head, i repeat, NOTHING!!
u know whut it means?
it means i am sooooooooooooooooooooo DEADDDDDDDDDDDDD.haha

1. my very first lab will be ENT a.k.a THT in bahasa indonesia. i'm going to be busy and face the hectic schedules or so i heard.i'm kinda thankful for not getting the major labs as my, there're malaysians in my group =)

2. i'm more than just pissed off that i feel like smashing or even burning the whole campus A of UNAIR especially those who are handling our wisuda(graduation) registration.they're making it so hard for us just to register. can u believe that they suddenly need a 6-month-old TOEFL certification??! - TOEFL tu mcm MUET la.

hello!!wake up and smell the nangka pie *oopsie*..i took the test when i was in sem 1 and it's obviously more than 6 months ago.
now we have to think about re-sitting the test with all the pressures of becoming DM soon (sori, i AM nervous because i know i'm not well-prepared,not well-eqiupped..maybe budak2 pandai relax je kot,i dunno).

but i've heard that malaysian students who scored above 500 can use the old results. i really hope so!!

3. here comes the worst.ha!!i know it is best served last. i told u we are special,our batch. we are somehow the first batch ever that will be facing the %^#@%* PBL during senior clinical posting. how 'lucky' can u get??
darn i thought i'm going to be free from PBL. one thing that i always well aware,always know in the pit of my stomach,from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet about PBL is how it's capable of making silly mistakes,that will cause us major problemos. i'm a hypocrite if i say i love PBL but actually i dont have any problem with PBL itself,i just hate the systems and the sick rules and the problems that orang2 PBL had caused us.
PBL people,just please..please la dont get us into any trouble again ok??

i get stressed easily.haha.sorry for overreacting.

btw, WISUDA is coming soon (18th april).i've already tempah a kebaya.i have no idea whut will it look like but i strictly said to the tailor that i only need a SIMPLE kebaya with kain/bawahan a lil bit kembang(easier for me to walk in high heels.ngeeheee =D)
if it turns out to be too vogue and blink-blink,i wont be wearing it.haha.
so if i'm wearing a plain baju kurung during wisuda,u know whut kind of kebaya i get from the tailor. =p

speaking bout wisuda,my family aren't coming due to busy-ness and my adik2 yang sekolah(bibik baru tak sampai lagi). it's ok,i dont mind at all.
in fact,i don't want my parents to sit and wait in the hot steamy hall for my name to be called,
not to forget the wheather outside the hall my siblings will have to bear.
it's just a wisuda anyway.we still have the 'pelantikan dokter' which for me is more important.



asyraf elmiza ahmad said...

awk. gud lak jadi dokter muda
nasib baik awk mude lagi
kalau x, x pantasla di gelar dokter muda
gudlak yong

asyraf elmiza ahmad said...

gud lak my dior. may luck and blessings rain your trail to greatness. dm greatness.hehe

:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!

nad! cam tak caye u dah DM! u dah jadi kak nad time i 1st sem dulu!!!

gud luk... jgn kecapek-an. makan multivitamin nad!!! bawak baby po teman u kat ENT nanti!

nadhirah mohd shakri said...

sayang : hehe..thank u dear~~~ klau bosan2 jom la teman nad jaga =p

ckin : jom teman i jaga!
hehe..tu la,i dh jd kak nad...and die dh balik malaysia dah pon.yeay~ tak lame lagi i pon balik malaysia for good.. babe,lets pray kite balik on time same2 =)