Tuesday, March 31, 2009


EXAMS are coming.. MCQ,Mini C ex and OSCE
plus an assigment needs to be done.

darn i'm so dead.so little time,so much to read.ehem,not just to read,but to memorize and of course to spill them during the exams.

who was the first person that came up with this KBK idea anyway?!
*KBK is..erm,i'm not sure whut it stands for but it's my batch's 1y-and-half-dokter-muda programme*

just 4 weeks for ENT is such a nightmare.busy like h*ll.
not that i study hard (haha) but it feels like ages since i felt so stress-free!

yesterday,some friends came to my kost to hand me the invitation letter to one of my favorite activities in surabaya,malaysians gathering
*tak boleh balik malaysia,jumpe students malaysia pon dah happy*

this saturday.
i'm freaking excited.

the previous one(on 1st jan 2008) was tremendously great and i enjoyed it very much.
and now they're organizing it again.
but i'm not sure of joining it or not. (T.T)
i got Mini C Ex this coming Monday. and it requires me a h*ll lot of hardwork since i always always and always suke study last minute. padan muke nadhirah!boo~

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