Wednesday, March 18, 2009


i believe i'm not the unluckiest person in the whole wide world,considering a lot people are actually FIGHTING for food,shelter,better health even life,and any other basic needs.
so i'll try my very best not to whine too much.

this week has been a disaster i must say.

it started last couple days. i have no idea whut did i swallow to cause the massive diarrhea,which came perfectly with the combos - headache,nausea,vomitting and FEVER.

it was bad.and i'm serious!!
my body felt so weak that every movement i made sparked a massive pain.
i spent the days sleeping with a wet crumpled up towel on my head and going to the bathroom whenever 'it' came. i just hate the 'urgency' feeling.
i felt tired,exhausted,mad and dehydrated!!
tried to drink as many pocari sweat as i could to rehydrate my body.
ah!and the feeling of sprinting the gastric juice wasn't so great either.yuck yuck yuck!
not to forget losing the appetite.
gosh! it took me 2 months of holiday ok nak gain some weight and now i'm losing it all, just like that. =(

i'm glad i feel a lot better today.
anyhOo, i'd like to thank mr asyraf elmiza for being so supportive and caring. thanks for everything,thanks for the medicine,the isotonic drinks,the oralits,the food,the non-stop sms(s) asking me whether i need anything or not.i'm so sorry i worried u.u couldn't have given me anything i would need more. -- sori,jiwang sekejap.i dont have any intention to spread the stomach flu ok! =p
a bunch of thanks to my friends jugak yang ym and sms.sorry kalau ade yang tak reply.hehe

u people rawk!


:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...


i just wanna say that we shud be thankful for every minute given to us...

huhu... kite tak tau wen will that b taken away..huhu...

lagi feelin not so happy nie... +)

nadhirah mohd shakri said...

ckin : hun,whut's wrong? i rase dh lame i catch up ng u..i'm a baaaaaad bff..huhu...i xde kedit..nnty i ade pulsa,i contact u k.mwaxxx