Wednesday, May 06, 2009


hikhik.. title nak pakai bahase jawa,takleh blah towl.
tapi ape salahnye,boleh la korang blaja bahase jawa dr saye kan..

piro iki or iki piro = ini berapa?

ok cukup la tu.taktau nak ajar bahasa jawa lain (ketandusan idea). dah duk kat jawa almost 4 tahun pon tak fasih2 lagi bahase jhowo. ya opooo arek iki!

bee-dee help me.
pharmacy posting is killing me.
today's my 4th day in pharmacy and i still have absolutely NO CLUE about it.
i'm very much confused!
where should i start? which one should i focus on more?

there're so many medicines that need to be remembered,along with their doses,pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics.
and guess what, the final is on next thursday ( which is 7 days from now). somebody shoot me,plz!

seriously, 2 weeks for pharmacy is not enough and a MAJOR torture for us students ok. sorry to say,it even would ruin the quality of the 'products' from UNAIR. hellooo... u're producing doctors here! we need to be very well-equipped.
i think UNAIR should re-think about this whole KBK thingy..

*besides,UNAIR is well-known as one of the best universities, produces the best doctors, linked to the most complete teaching hospital in Indonesia.
i just hope that they know all of the risks.*

p/s : *this is something that i rarely do.haha.UNAIR should gimme credits for this.haha.

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zAituL aZrA said...

pharmacy mmg bohsan!
ngan mech of action, pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic, side effects, name pelik2..

tp xpe..
kuatkan smgt..
hafal je n ulang2..
k, chayok2... =)