Thursday, May 21, 2009

my very first on-call in surgical dept.

i'd say.... I LOVE IT!!!!
although it was kinda tiring,sebab saye on-call kat Emergency Room..but i had so much fun!

"fun" as in i gain so much new experiences lor.. not fun watching all my patients suffering from the pain.

i stitched.. and tried the cross-incision..(why tried?? because i've never done it before.. thanks doc for letting me do it)

*but most of all,busy hantar Px pegi X-ray and CT-scan je..haha*

compared to ENT and any other dept, patients surgical la yang paling non-stop datang.. so penat sampai nk tercabut kaki.

i love practical way more than just theory.
whut an experience.

(ok...mule2 excited lagi kot..lame2 ntah la..kuikui)

"you will remember some of what u hear, much of what u read, more of what u see, and almost all of what u experience and understand fully"


SyuQ D Juliet said...

bangga tul de kawan da hampir2 jd doc betul ni..

~BluEBerRy~ said...

tu lar ari tu jumpe kat IRD muka nad mcm x larat jerk..

Mimi said...

hello nad..
mimi ni..
lame tak bace blog nad..
saje bosan2 jalan2, padahal i shud be studying :P
oh syoknye nad dh posting..
mimi lmbt lg..haih..
btw, all d best sepanjang posting ye..
semoga hapy2 n enjoy2 sepanjang posting..
gud luckk!!

zahidah said...

i tot doctors kat dlm citer GA je camtu. actly the reality pun camtu gak. hehehe..but its fun tho. enjoy every moment of it~~ ;)

♥ Queen S ♥ said...

untuk menceriakan hari anda sile ambil award anda di blog saffy. ;)

:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

rase cam grey's anatomy x?