Tuesday, May 12, 2009


i love babies and kids,especially twins.
and yes,i've always wanted to have twins. sangat cute okey twins. it's exciting how they can easily pretend to be one another, and ask people " c'mon,which is which?"

pastu as for their mom, mesti best..belikan bende yang same, baju same, botol susu same, semua lah. and they tend to have different personalities. sorang ayu,sorang ganas sket. sorang macho, sorang lagi manja pulak.hehe.
pasal susah nak jaga tu lain cite la. i know, nak jaga anak sorang pon susah..ni,double the trouble lah kan.hehe

it's just my dream anyway.

i told my mum about my dream of having twins.
and my cytogenetic-pathologist umi said.. it's almost impossible for a women with no twins in her family history to have twins. it's all about genetics,and i don't have any twins in my family,so... hurm.

i was kinda frustrated.haha.
plz jgn igt saye gatal nak kawen.i just cant wait to have my own babies =)

but then...
today,i remember something! something that my umi forgot!something that brings back my hope.

i remember umi's story about my younger sister,nabihah. she had a twin, but unfortunately 'it' didn't make it. it was in the 1st trimester when my mom suddenly had a massive bleeding,luckily nabihah survived =) (thank u allah)

it was like ages since my mom told me about that.
but i'm sure of it!


(continuing my dream)



wani~wana said...

nad.mmg sgt best jd twin..precious gifted ever..we want twins daughter juga...hehe;D


nadhirah mohd shakri said...

hehehe...yeah btol2,korang sgt lucky to have each other!
nway,nk twins jugak?! alala~... good luck! mesti nnty jd kembar 4 plak =p

Dieyla said...


gud luck weh!


ehem. add nak balik. nad meh la balik sekali. haha~

nadhirah mohd shakri said...

haha..siap ckp good luck lg..
nway,i really need 'luck'!
esok exaaaammmm

ermmm...saje je ek.nak kene nii..
jeles nyeeeeeeeeee... nk BALEKKK

ameirul azraie bin mustadza said...

nak kembar laki n perempuan tau.

then, i book the baby girl.


nadhirah mohd shakri said...

nak book utk anak jaE trus ek? hehehe..

ni angan2 je laaa... malu la plak wat entry ni..haha

zahidah said...

hehehehehehehehehehehheehe... :D

~BluEBerRy~ said...

suka twins,
expecially yg sama muka,comei!!