Thursday, June 11, 2009


one word = TIRING.
haha..padan muke,sape soh amek medic!

lagi2 tengah posting kat surgical now.
lemme membebel sket about my helplessly hectic life sekarang.

exam's around the corner(4 weeks lagi!!) yet i'm still clueless!! and confused.where should i start, how am i suppose to plan my time table, this and nightmare just won't end T.T

this week is my 4th week in surgical,currently in my 4th station. i started with cardiovascular,jumped to head and neck+oncology, moved on to plastic, and now urology... but i remain the same,clueless and confused nadhirah..haha.

there're 4 more stations left before the u-know-whut day! ortho,neuro,digestive and paed.
like i said,my nightmare won't least not after surgical,as my next posting is PUBLIC HEALTH!! amek kau. going to spend one week at ...(forgot the name) and 3 weeks at Jombang. i've never been to that place so i obviously cant say much.. but there's no place like home aite?(in this case,i consider Surabaya as my home.ececee~~ tak pernah2)
oit oit oit~~ surgical pon tak exam lagi,dah pikir public health pulak.

anyway! i just bought myself an amazing and extremely cute camera!(of coz it's's pink!!haha) canon digital IXUS 9515 makes a very good pics(tapi tak sempat betol2 explore lagi),plus the price is surprisingly affordable ok. nak beli SLR tak kaye agy =p

me,aulia and nadia at the back..

dokter muda bedah uro
total 9 orang


Hafeez Rahman said...

hahaha ayat 'sape suh amek medic' tu sangat sangat sangat lah cliche. haha rilek nad. yang penting passionate buat keje. jgn takde passion sudah. kang masuk dentistry lak kang haha (perli diri sendiri)

nadhirah mohd shakri said...

hheheehheh... taw takpe! nasib baik the passion tu still ade..dats my only hope nk cope ng this world..hadoyy.
kang ade je buat keje gile masuk dentistry jugak (oopsieeeeee) =p

thanks hafeez

asyraf elmiza ahmad said...

wak kalau penat,mintak cuti jela
haha suke hati je

zahidah said...

wah kamu suda beli kamera ixus!