Friday, June 19, 2009

melted me =)

title : takde lagi. any idea?

by my dhemok jantungmanis,rafel

i can feel the sun as it warms my skin
the wind blowing thru my hair
i dont want time
to ruin our rhyme
cos it feels so gdmn beautiful

and there's a glare in your eyes
it makes me feel like pouring rain
like rivers flowing thru my veins
and i hope u feel the same

and i hope u feel the same

like the moon and the sun
dark and light everything will change
and someday we're gonna lose everything
but baby i give u one thing
that my love will stay the same

yes you can be sure of one thing
that my love will never change
that my love will stay the same

and i dont need no reason or rhyme
and i dont even need time
cos in my heart i've drawn the line
the you are the life line

p/s : can't help myself from copying this to my bee-dee. LOLs

p/s II : yayan udah jadian!! atau dlm bahasa malaysia, yayan dah couple! (haha..bahasa malaysia la sgt,campur2)
nway,congtraz to si merah and si pink.. (saye tak buta warne ok! how dare u! ini mmg kesengajaan)

yes,yayan i do read ur blog,and dieyla's and syusyup's and so does everyone else's.. but my fingers are too lazy(busy la actually) to leave any print

p/s III : i promised arina and cikin to upload all the pics from my camera,ouh sangat basi.hehe..u guys will be seeing more of ur faces tagged in my photos tomorrow,ok? =)


.:nayzi.norman:. said...

thanx hunnnnn~ muahhhhxx!!

shikyn said...

nad! so sweetnk upload...
pic mne pun i dah tak ingt la

apisz said...

nice blog... =)