Friday, July 31, 2009


suke suki je nak namekan bintang.haha
orang dah penat2 namekan constellations, nak ubah2 pulak. dush~
begini al kesahnye,
dulu~~~ mase kat matriks,awal2 sem...
yang mule2 sebut pasal ni.
she pointed at the stars,the triple stars with symmetrical length
eh~ bintang i love you!
so basically, yeen started it! eheeeee~~ =p
(and saye penyokong tetap!)

pastu saye yang mmg penggemar stars ni jadi teruja pulak.
setiap orang yang rapat ng saye,mesti kene layan je saye yang takleh stop cari bintang i love u nii.
almost semua orang saye pakse panggil bintang ni bintang i love u.
bile malam sket,terus la cari.. "eh..mane la bintang i love u niiiih"
dulu matriks saye atas bukit,so macam senang nak nampak bintang =)
pencarian takkan stop sampai jumpe, sampai kapale teleng,senget dan sakit.haha.
bukan dulu je.. sampai sekarang ye tuan2 dan puan2.

althought bintang i love you ni tak selalu ade..
(of coz's actually a part of the constellation,ermmm lupe name ape..rafel dah bagitaw aritu.huehue)
tapi keobsessan untuk mencari tetap ade.
tengah jalan(nasib baik tak terjatuh gedebuk!), tengah dalam kete(kalau saye tak drive la..gile ape kalau tengah drive nak usha2 langit?tu bukan obses dah,tu cari nahas!hehe), tengah naik motor(pastu ketuk2 helmet rafel,pakse tengok),
dulu2 even dalam bas pon sempat lagi usha. tak tido pon takpe laa.hahak~

ok,seriously macam takde keje,but i purely enjoy it =)

bintang i love u ni,kalau korang tengok betol2, ade anak2 die kat tepi
saye taktau lah die beranak ke tak,anak die ke,anak sedare die ke..
pokoknye,kat tepi bintang i love u, ade bintang i love u junior. haha
alaa~ saye dah lukis penat2 kat atas tuuu,,tenok laa..tenok laa
memang nak kene sekeh nadhirah ni =p

tapi seriously,setakat ni, semua bintang i love u ade bintang i love u junior.
(adeh~ pening kepale)
saye tak terer pasal constellations,pandai tengok je..hahak.
sape2..ade yang sanggop ajar saye?

tu je entry bosan saye
ouh dah berzaman tak nampak bintang i love u.
i love u bintang i love u!

Saturday, July 25, 2009


f r e n a n d i

my my my frenny~
kesian fren kene swine flu.hehe.
peeps,fren is my beloved housemate and yes,she was infected by H1N1.
lucky her,it was still at early stage when she went to check for H1N1. and she's now perfectly recovered from it. no biggie!
i as her housemate went nuts when she first told me about it.cuak! it felt like my lungs could only reached only 10% capacity.ok,just kidding.hehe.but ye la kan,who knows,i might be infected also!
not just that i had a direct contact with her,but i also was going home(and of coz la pegi airport kan) few days after. airport is such a sarang of H1N1~ LOLs!
and of course my dear frenny,i was worried about u!!

alhamdulillah,i didnt (and i still dont) have any of the symptoms before and after the incubation period of H1N1 (by assuming the last day i saw frenny the day-0) --- 2weeks la kire2

it feels like ages since i last saw fren.i mish u already~~~

fren adalah cikgu posing gedik.haha.
and this is her fav pose =)

gambar diatas untuk menunjukkan kesengalan arina n ckin.
cepat la balik from bojonogoro!! T.T

about swine flu.
gosh i've been very extra rajin in finding informations about so many diseases. kate tengah posting kat public health kaaann... =p btw,it's my LEAST fav posting EVERRrrrrr. (i think it would be better if i learn in english or bahasa melayu since public health serves u with so many ridiculously-long explainations for almost...hermm...everything. no kidding!)

back to swine flu.

swine flu is a disease caused by a new virus(H1N1), which rises from the 'perkahwinan' of the viruses of human flu+bird flu in the pigs body. then pigs that were infected by those viruses of coz la flu and can directly transfer the new baby virus to us human. yes,human-flu is part of the H1N1,thus the baby flu H1N1 can be transmitted directly human to human dengan senang hatinye~~
the baby virus is not as bad as the bird flu.

u must know that :

1. the incubation period of swine flu could range from 1 to 7 days..some say 2 weeks.entah la.haha

*incubation period is the period after the exposure and before the symptoms appear. during this period,the infected person feels fine and absolutely not contagious*

2. swine flu can be transmitted very easily (human to human,just like common cold).
so if u have the symptoms,you should consider to protect the people around you by wearing mask,self quarantine,not being in a room with aircond when there're people in it,etc!!

3. hurm.... the symptoms of course... i'll just upload the previous pic again k.


4. the precaution!!
if u're going to places with high H1N1 case, precaution is utterly necessary.
avoid the crowd.
avoid the sick people.
wear mask.
make sure your body is fit by consuming vitamins and eating healthy food
(no ubat for virus ok! the only ubat are our body immunity and vaccine,but the most important is our body immune).
avoid travelling if u're sick.
take 2 tablets of paracetamol before travel.
wash your hands everytime u touch any public thingy,or if tak mengizinkan, avoid touching ur nose and ur mouth after touching those thingy.
hurm...ape lagi ekkk...
ouh yes,there're vaccines for H1N1. =)

5. swine flu is not a deadly disease. just make sure,always consult to the doctors if u have any of the symptoms. the sooner the better. avoid complications (which will cause u death if not treaten.huaaaa..takowt taaakkk)

6. many would confused between the common flu and the swine flu. the symptoms are almost the same, then why is swine flu considered more dangerous? why do we have to self quarantine if we're infected?

it's because of the complications.the potentially life-threatening complication of swine flu is pneumonia.

that's all i can share. semoga bermanfaat. =)

Friday, July 24, 2009

photos of bromo and safari - my favorite

i love taking pictures~ (but i'm still learning and i cant wait to have my own DSLR)
as u all know(or not), i did share some of my photos that i've taken here in surabaya and around bali in my previous entry. stupid me,i forgot to tag them. so i cant find or should i say i'm too lazy to search for them.
omg bee-dee,u're a grown up now,the gemok with a lot of contents one..hehe.
so if u're interested in finding those pictures yourself,silekan... rase macam tag 'bored' je kowt.entah la T.T huk huk hukkkk~~

last 2 weeks,we went for a trip to bromo and safari. it was my second time going to both places which i find can't stop me from being excited,still.
i managed to take lots of photos with my pink ixus (pakai ixus je..takde duet nak beli yg mahal2). for details go to ckin's facebook album,she uploaded most of the photos.haha..thanko ashikot!

well,these are my favorites.
yang lain2 akan menyusul.kalau rajin la.haha

On top of the world

the view was beyond beautiful.
whutta priceless experience

my guardian angel,guiding me..

hehe. taken by ashikin

live your life

what should i call this one?

i lurveeee this pic! the sky,lalang and the figures look good together

the endless journey


i love this one too!

i'm 20 and i've never been me!


Thursday, July 23, 2009


followers saye dah 31!? siries tak prasan. (kunun2 busy la nk tengok bee-dee pown tak sempat.haha)

thanks korang sebab sanggop jd followers bee-dee yang boleh dikatekan sudah bersawang ni.=p

i pomish i will update ok.
walaupon mungkin tak selebat dulu, (dulu2 sehari boleh sampai 3 kali update bee-dee.haha.dahsyat dan sengal!)tapi saye akan cube untuk update.
untuk diri sendirik jugak kan? bile dah tua2 nanty konfem gelak sampai tercabut gigi palsu bile bace balik.alala~ comel nyeee

hurm..takleh jadi ni.banyak bende kene cite! rugi je kalau tak tulis..kang lupe lak.
orait then.. thanks again!

cakap macam la nak update due tiga ketul post.hehe.
...oh tidakk...satu je la dulu.
mata saye yang bulat ni dah jadi sepet pon,menguap berjuta2 kali sampai lenguh mandibula ai.

p/s : adoyy..penat nye posting kat public health ni.