Friday, July 24, 2009

photos of bromo and safari - my favorite

i love taking pictures~ (but i'm still learning and i cant wait to have my own DSLR)
as u all know(or not), i did share some of my photos that i've taken here in surabaya and around bali in my previous entry. stupid me,i forgot to tag them. so i cant find or should i say i'm too lazy to search for them.
omg bee-dee,u're a grown up now,the gemok with a lot of contents one..hehe.
so if u're interested in finding those pictures yourself,silekan... rase macam tag 'bored' je kowt.entah la T.T huk huk hukkkk~~

last 2 weeks,we went for a trip to bromo and safari. it was my second time going to both places which i find can't stop me from being excited,still.
i managed to take lots of photos with my pink ixus (pakai ixus je..takde duet nak beli yg mahal2). for details go to ckin's facebook album,she uploaded most of the photos.haha..thanko ashikot!

well,these are my favorites.
yang lain2 akan menyusul.kalau rajin la.haha

On top of the world

the view was beyond beautiful.
whutta priceless experience

my guardian angel,guiding me..

hehe. taken by ashikin

live your life

what should i call this one?

i lurveeee this pic! the sky,lalang and the figures look good together

the endless journey


i love this one too!

i'm 20 and i've never been me!



Izyan Nadirah said...

nad, gmbr ostrich tu is one nice shot i hv to say. hehe.

nadhirah mohd shakri said...

hahahah..tu la psal. pdai lak bagi muke.lols.

freNNy said...

naddddddddddd...sume pic cantik2 mcm kt studio !!!! love it

:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

nad d trip was so great!