Thursday, September 24, 2009



i think i'm suffering from the u-know-whut disease again.
it happens most of the time (in my case),
with its classic symptoms of course..
allergic to books except for magazines,
can only read maximum 3 pages,
persistently sleepy,
u name it, i have it.

ophthalmology..ouh Mr O,
i should've dropped u earlier and have a nice relaxing one month holiday at home..
until irah told me this brilliant idea, i had no idea how st*pid i was.
had i known i'd be this LAZY,plus the LONG eid holiday which cuts our posting period at ophthalmology,
i'd definitely at least consider it.

time flies so fast that it's my 3rd week already.
we got post-test tomorrow, and the major exam starts on next monday.
with my undeniably Mr O-less brains, i'm pretty sure that..

ok,i got less than 4 days before next monday..
about less than 96 hours...
to fill my Mr O-less brains with something 'ophthalmology'.
i HOPE i'll do well..
i dont know.. it's too far from logic but i really hope Allah will guide me thru this,


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:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

piuw..piuw....tembak nad kalau malas2!