Saturday, October 03, 2009


last friday was the best day ever in ophthalmology!
it was actually my last day in that u see my point =p
i know it's so obvious that ophthalmology is not my favorite yeay-yeay lab.
but i still love jalan-jalan =)

1st Station : YPAB
we went to YPAB (cant believe i have no idea what it stands for)
it's a school for the blind kids.
it moved me seeing the innocent kids, unable to see the colours, toys, alphabets and even their own parents.
they're just kids~ T__T

kindergarten class

like any other normal kids, they always know how to have fun especially when it involves MUSIC!
they love singing and they sound GREAT too.

one thing that i notice most about them is..
they're very friendly and loving, even to strangers =)

they're enjoying their lives to the fullest
so should us =)

"bersyukurlah dengan apa yang kita ada,
tempuhilah setiap ujian dan dugaan dengan hati yang tabah,
ingatlah bahawa masih ramai yang lebih besar dugaannya,
jangan mudah mengaku kalah."

next station : Tunjungan Plaza
everybody was hungry, so we went to Hachi Hachi Bistro for lunch.
we had mee and sushis of course.
Tuna Dip was the best,always =)
told ya i love sushi with cheese.hehe

as in "bye bye ophthalmology!"

-the end-

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Izyan Nadirah said...

i love that lil girl.. nak semua gmbr nad! hehe.

siyes lega dh abis mata.. but now saraf,..even worse..bile la penderitaan nk berakhir.