Sunday, January 31, 2010

Back-To-Back Contest: Red Hot Photography Contest

i found this supercool photo contest.
it demands u to take a photo of yourself,with red as the dominant colour
*note : dominant doesn't mean red has to be the major portion of the photo*

this photo was taken a while ago,
at 3 am ( i'm insomniac!)
my housemate just gave me this octopus.
she knows exactly how i LOVE eating baby octopus!
*suddenly it sounds like i'm a monster or something.haha*

feel free to join the contest at :

speaking of red..
Chinese new year is around the corner.
if i'm not mistaken,this year's on 14th february 2010
(the same day as valentine's day)
well..i went to galaxy mall few days ago
and there were like hundreds of tang lung!


LuviT said...

cool photo ^^

ok...all T & C hv been completed
ur submission is officially accepted

p/s: it's ok if u don't hv a M'sia no, just keep an eye to ur e-mail. I dun think i'm comfortable to call ur dad's no..hehe

asyraf elmiza said...

Wow! Sgt sgt cntk, hehe can I be an octopus, so that u would eat me,hehehe

nadhirah mohd shakri said...

hahaha.. ok dookie! will keep on checking my email.

cool contest!

iecka said...

k.nad! cantikkkk! it's soo unique! & different. cantikk! mesti bole menang! ;))