Wednesday, April 07, 2010


mood untuk ber-blogging menyerang.
bagus betol kau nadhirah. bile oral exam is 1 week from now, mule la gatal tangan nk update blog.

ok cepat2 =p
i went out with jantungmanis just now,
and i found (act,he was the one who saw it 1st) this cool t-shirt.
it was't the t-shirt itself,the colour or the cutting,but what's written on it really got my eyes.

lets rewind to last month...krekkkk~~~

i was checking my fb,updating my status and commenting others' when i received a weird msg from someone,someone whom i've no idea who.
it was not a helo-boleh-berkenalan or u've-won-1000dollars message,no.
it was a msg telling me that someone had been exploiting my pictures,created a fb profile using my pictures and had 2 boyfriends by using my freaking pictures. yes!
if u were in my shoes, would u freak out? because i was,big time!
p/s : i dunno if u're fine with it but i'm totally not.

so i checked just to make sure, look what i found :

ok now lets see her friends.....

wow..that's a lot girl

btw,it's over now. she deleted the profile and apologized.
i kinda forgive her already =)
oh,her real name is not yasmine pon..

haih..i wonder why la ade org nak buat fb fake.

moral of the story :

1. put ur link/ur name/ur initial/ape2 la kat your pictures (lagi2 kalau gambar sorang).
2. disable the right click? how eh? =p
3. just be true to yourself and your fb friends. dah besar kan =p

the t-shirt i was talking about :
fakebook addict

p/s : entry ini tidak bermaksud maw menjatuhkan sesiapa. just feel like reminding my friends =)


:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

lawak la nad. if "jasmine" tu bce blog u, speechless. haha...

nadhirah mohd shakri said...

hahah..ala,i tak taruk ape2 yg menunjukkan die pown. =)

a little less conversation said...

haha..ade gak org wt cani eh..

CinTa Lea IxoRa said...

ish... teroknyee.. bahye btl fb nie

Ines Mariel said...

EIIIIIp! that is scarrrrry!
tulah kak nadhirah lawa sgt,