Monday, May 31, 2010


one day u'll wake up realizing that it's too late
one day u'll wake up crying for something that has been gone
one day u'll wake up regretting for not trying hard enough
one day u'll wake up having nothing but useless dust.

save our earth.


i'm not a perfect go-green person myself
i mostly do the "reduce"
like reducing the usage of the plastic bags by putting everything i bought into my handbag
as long as it still fits la.
*and that's why i love over-sized handbags!*
switching off the lights and other electronic stuff whenever i leave the house.
and it's amazing how i survive living in such a sizzling hot place with no aircond for almost 5 years!
hey that's reducing too ok? :p
i don't throw litter on the ground/floor and i hate seeing people doing that!
i once joined the go-green campaign which everyone must at least plant a tree.
*ouch that was years ago*

and this is something i'd reaaaaaally love to do but i just cant :

sleeping with the lights off

i'm sorry i just can't.

like i said,i'm not a perfect go-green person myself.
and by writing this i realized that i haven't done anything contributing :'(


asyraf elmiza said...

lets live in the forest! hunt for food! haha

:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

eh..i tak boleh tdo tutup lampu la..takot ade zombie!(cam budak2)