Saturday, June 19, 2010


i'm a huge fan of green tea. i drink it everyday and i even like it sugarless.
warm is better,especially after taking a long shower. it completes the cozy-ness.
try it :)

not that i first fell in love with green tea because of the taste. yeah trust me, i almost puke when i first try it.hehe.
but now,i crave for it. the strong smell,the light taste,the refreshment... it's like i push the refresh button on my body everytime i take a sip of green tea.

besides,green tea is good for our health.
why?? my top reasons are.....

1. green tea acts as anti-oxidant

oxidants a.k.a body toxic is the source of diseases and boost the aging process. thus,eliminating them is very tea consist of catechins,a powerful anti-oxidant. :)

2. green tea burns fat

yes it's true

3. green tea prolong life

based on the Japanese research.

4. green tea prevent and treat cancers

it breaks havoc in abnormal cells, causing them to self-destruct and
blocks over-production of harmful enzymes which catalysts the cancer growth.

5. green tea soothe stress and boost brain power

this one is definitely true :)
it contains a special compound called theanine,which has been known to stimulate alpha brain waves, calm the body, and promote relaxed awareness :)

6. green tea rejuvenate body, protect it from heart attacks and strokes

it inhibit atherosclerosis :)

7. green tea reduce the high blood pressure

8. green tea prevent and treat diabetes a.k.a kencing manis :p

by increasing the insulin activities,promotes glucose metabolism and block glucose absorption

9. green tea boost immunity

protect our body from the infections. ouh this is helping especially for me who are working in a hospital

10. green tea rehydrate our body


see? :)
lets drink green tea everyday


.:: Miu Miu ::. said...

i'm a huge fan of green tea too! so much refreshing aite? :D

miserlyn said...

me too!! lagi2 ice blended green tea.terbaekk :D