Monday, August 23, 2010


i claimed myself tidak sweet in the previous entry.
tapi sy takde la sekejam itu :p
just for the record,i need to post about this.
my dhemokusaurus,melove :)

on 21st of aug sy telah buat surprise kpd jantungmanis kat court volley campus A.
with the help (and idea) from yasmin and support from nadia raffela, sy berjaya menjadi agak sweet haritu.
everyday jantungmanis main volley kat campus with his friends.
yasmin, who's one of the volley addicts gave me the idea. and i was like,why not? :)
bawak bihun goreng *nyum2*
dan sebijik chocolate cake yang dibeli di breadtalk *bukan bake sendiri :(
pastu berbuka ramai2 ,alhamdulillah :p


23 august 2010

i had a bad day.
in the morning when gastritis stroke.
in the afternoon when class were too boring. *seriously!*
in the evening when my head and body suddenly ached that i felt so weak.

then i went out with u.
it's your-birthday date. belated it was.hehe
it went ermm...simple,as usual.
but i can see that u were happy even with my super minim sweetness.
no plan,no box full of tissues with a watch hidden in it,no card.
but u were happy.

then i realized that today is not bad at all.
thank u so much for always making me feel this way.
thank u for being happy.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

make me feel better...

because feeling safe and loved are all a woman can ask.

it matters,my dear..