Sunday, September 19, 2010


assalamualaikum everyone :)
it's not too late to wish all of u my beloved friends a SELAMAT HARI RAYA.
i'd like to take this opportunity to apologize to everyone for all my wrongdoings and for each and every harsh word i said verbally or wrote here.maafkan saya...

after 2 years of not celebrating HARI RAYA in Malaysia, i must say that this year's is one of the greatest RAYA(s) ever..mind u,i still get to collect DUIT RAYA ok. not so much but enough to get me a pair of new shoes.hehe.

what makes the raya so special is that i'm officially free from the hectic schedule; rotating as DOKTER least for the moment lah since the result's not out yet.screw it, i deserve this holiday!hehe. i'll follow the 2nd judisium which i heard will be on 8th october.i dont really put a high hope on passing everything with flying colours though.

well..ayah,umi and adik2 are all doing great,wearing dark purple this year -- takde orang bagitau kaklong ponnnn :"(
most of my cousins balik kampung this year and attack Mok's house. it feels great to catch up with all the cousins and mok's still healthy and energetic as usual :) sayang mok!

arina aliaa datang beraya di rumah saya(LOVE U!) :) and we went beraya together with a.wan,arif,abu and pali to kak nurin's wedding,arif's house and chun's house..
the raya is even more special because i get to meet my so long lost kelips; haizum and she! :D they came all way from terengganu ok..and of course my beloved kelips yang lain,dieyla,add,syusyup and tatiey. as usual izyan celebrates her raya at KL.

andddd...the raya is super duper special because asyraf and his family (dad,mom and abang aja) came all the way from batu pahat to BERAYA with us in kota bharu..on behalf of my family and mok, i'd like to thank uncle,makcik,abg aja and asyraf for coming..sorry for any inconvenience, hope semua happy and please come again :)

and that's my raya :) how bout yours?

p/s : i really want to share my family's raya pic but the internet speed is killing me T_T ok maybe next time

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:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

winks* ade orang sedang bahagia!!! weeewit!