Thursday, October 28, 2010


my very very deep condolence to all who were involved and whom families were involved in both disasters that happened in Indonesia few days ago.
2 disasters happened in 24hours time!mashaALLAH..

tsunami in Mentawai was totally unexpected and there were questions about whether Indonesia's system was working properly since the costly warning systems were already installed across Asia after the deadly 2004 tsunami in Aceh. but i guess even if it did work properly, it's not gonna help much since the10-foot wave struck the Mentawai islands just minutes after a massive earthquake offshore. death toll from the earthquake and the tsunami rose to 408 bodies and 303 people were still missing and feared swept out to sea.

while Mount Merapi is Indonesia's most volatile volcano. it was rocked by an eruption which killed at least 35 people ( i'm not sure the current number tho),most of them had asphyxia and major burns on their bodies and covered in volcanic ash which was more than 300 degree Celsius..can u imagine that? we would scream or even cry if some BBQ ash got to our skin..and it's not even 100 degree.

the least that we can do is pray for their safety.
i'm glad that malaysia has sent helps (food,medicines,etc) to both places.

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